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Recap - 20110902 - WAR! - The Turncoat within Mission

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After returning from the Dragon’s Lair (The Fight’s On, but Nobody’s Mission), Strikeforce Black counts their treasures. After a few days, a guardsman summons the entire team to a briefing; Cedarick (Ross – Shaman), Hayden (Brad Gnome Warlock), Chief Alton (Ken - Monk) and James (Kobe - Wizard). After a long rotation to Strikeforce Blue, Akiro (Mick – Swordmage) rejoins SF Black. Kebru is still recovering from his wounds and Hunter (Trevor – Ranger) with Walster are temporarily transferred to Strikeforce Green under Kara’s command for an investigative mission inside an enemy city.

Commander Danlor “Commander Turco is away on a mission. Due in part to intelligence uncovered during your last mission, we’ve learned that the Royalists are being supplied by a Tyr Amar merchant house. This goes against the premise of “Grong Island for Gargarians!” which is one of the pillars for the Royalists going to war in the first place. If we can expose the fact that some of the Royalists are dealing with outsiders, it will fracture the enemy’s ranks. Your mission is to infiltrate the Royalist city of Port Kir, the primary naval base on Grong Island. You will meet an agent and intercept a large outside supply shipment that we have advance notice of. You will locate, identify and subdue two key Royalist leaders that will be on-site. You will leave them there so that their fellows can find them, and question them. During your extraction, you will signal our forces in the area that you’ve completed the mission which will assure that the ideal faction of Royalists uncover the battle site, the supplies and the prisoners you’ve left for them. There will be two signal sticks, if you light them, they will burn brightly with a black and green flame, post one of them in a high place near the target building when you’ve completed your mission and light it. Be like water, adapt and overcome and many doors will open for you, good luck.”

The team chooses a water insertion at night (rather than attempting to disguise themselves as Royalists and trying to bluff their way past the main gate) and are soon on a beach in Port Kir. After a long swim in the ice cold water, the tired party arrives on the beach and meets their contact, Guardsman Cobb who takes the team to a safehouse, an old ship’s hardware store. After a change of clothing, a warm meal and a rest, Cobb briefs the party regarding their specific mission “There’s an old warehouse near here that Royalist troops use to draw supplies from. Oddly, the warehouse is not guarded, only locked. We have not been able to figure out where the supplies come from because it appears that ships and wagon trains only pick up supplies, rarely drop off, at least that we’ve been able to see. We firmly believe the supplies are coming in from the outside but we can’t prove it. There must be some clues at the warehouse, but we have been unable to find them. There’s suppose to be a large pick up tomorrow by the Master of Prayer’s own 1st Guardmen, very elite Pelor troops, the best of the best. They are suppose to arrive at 7 AM to pick up food, re-arm, and resupply and then head back to the front. As of this afternoon, there were only a few crates of food in the warehouse. It is very important that we maintain as low a profile as possible as we make our way to the warehouse…”

At that moment a group of armed men, in Pelor uniforms burst into the front door. The are the vanguard of Pelor’s elite guards led by a powerful arcane priest, Master Sarun and of course the team chooses to fight rather than immediately surrender as ordered. A blast of radiant fire burns all the team members, except Cobb who managed to dive toward the wall just before impact. To avoid a second blast, the team scatters and draws weapons. James, unfortunately runs forward right into an elite swordsman and then, in an attempt to run away from him, turns around the corner of a shelf and gets tripped up by a Pelor elite scout; James crawls away and then is knocked unconscious by two more elites coming in through the side door. Likewise, Hayden is also in trouble, too many armored swordsmen everywhere, in a small store, and nowhere to hide. After evading no less than three enemies, Hayden is bleeding badly and is barely conscious as Cedarik says a prayer and inspires Hayden to keep moving. Alton dashes around the room, fighting enemies on both sides. Akiro takes a hard hit from a swordsman and after the enemy scout trips up James, Akiro decides moving toward Alton might be best. As he turns the corner, Akiro runs into the Mage Priest. Meanwhile, Cedarik slips out into the alley behind the soldiers from the side door after they rushed in. With James down, Hayden running, and Cobb trapped in a corner against one swordman, the situation is looking grim for the team as there are still two other swordsmen, the scout and the mage priest for a four against four battle. Finally SF Black lands a few blows and when Alton downs the first elite, the others are heard to yell that “…it’s not as the turncoat said Master!” and the enemy leader is heard to yell “…die you black commandoes!!” Akiro downs a second swordsman, and the enemy scout tries to make a run for it, but is stopped by Cedarick and Akrio. Cedarick downs the enemy leader and Alton downs the last swordsman. After helping James and Hayden, the party quickly leaves before more Royalist troops show up. As the party leaves, Hayden is heard mumbling “How did those guys know who we were?”

James is too badly wounded to continue with the mission and he is taken by rebel agents to a nearby temple for additional healing. Also, Hunter (Trevor – Ranger) arrives at the safe house, having been separated from SF Green who also has a mission in the city this night. Following Cobb, the team weaves its way through the city, avoiding many Royalists. As bad luck would have it, the team is ambushed by members of a local street gang, Kir’s Killers. The kill zone is a long alleyway with two gang members on each end and four more jumping into the middle of the team from the overlooking roof. Alton rushes forward and begins a prolonged skirmish with the two gang members at the east end of the alley. Hayden, in the wrong place at the wrong time, is set upon by the two gang members in the west. Most of the rest of the team has a single gang member that has landed next to them. Hayden, not fully healed from the last fight, manages to evade his two gang members and run into the nearby street and hide, leaving Cedarick and Akiro facing four enemies for a moment until a sharp slash of the swordmage’s blade downs the first gang member. Hunter slides past a brute with a club and shoots (and downs) a large gang member who is charging Alton’s back. Cedarick glides up to the roof, followed by Akiro and a couple of gang members. Cedarick manages to down one of the pair that chase him and Akiro downs the other. At the far east end of the alley, Alton downs one of his pair. The gang leader begins to move toward Alton, when again, a well placed arrow by Hunter, finds the mark, taking the enemy leader down. The team works together to finish off the last few wounded gang members and then beats a hasty departure before a local patrol comes to investigate.

Taking refuge in a nearby park, next to a public stage, the team catches their breath. Low fog rising off the nearby lake is interspersed with a slight rain, blocking much of the moonlight. Alton looks up at what he thinks is a large patch of black sky and realizes it’s really a black dragon! Bellowing in rage and recognizing several of the team from prior encounters, the dragon swoops in with a vengeance. Alton bravely engages the dragon single handedly while the rest of the team, sheltered by the trees next to the lake, rain ranged attacks in concert upon the maddened beast. Cobb manages to score several well placed hits with his crossbow which distract the dragon who is swinging wildly at the evasive monk. After no more than a minute, the dragon charges between the swordmage and the ranger and dives into the middle of the lake. The team quickly relocates again before the police or a group of soldiers comes to investigate.

At the loading dock of a fish market, the team catches their breath while Cobb points out the target warehouse. The team gains access through a skylight in the roof and soon finds that the office door has a trap on it. Hunter discovers a very large secret door under the office, but no one can figure out how to open it. The only other thing in the whole place is a small pile of crates with food from the local market. The team splits up with half on the office roof and half near the skylight. Not long thereafter, a squad of metal golem like soldiers come out of the secret door and drop off a large load of crates (weapons). Not seeing the enemy leaders, the team holds their fire. The golem soldiers go back down the secret passage and return every 10 minutes with another load of crates. After what the team thinks is the final load, they mark the outline of the secret door with chalk and await the arrival of the Pelor troops who do come and pick up their supplies. During the pick up, the guards summon a wizard to examine the chalked outline the team has left. The wizard manages to open the secret door, sends a team to investigate and after they return, he leaves, locking the warehouse. At this point, the team enters the secrete passage and finds a long tunnel into the heart of the city that ends in a hexagonal room of dimensional portals. Hayden and Akiro figure out the purpose of the portals and Cedarick figures out how they are used and bravely transports himself to the other side. There he finds a similar room and after he is joined by the rest of the team, they find in a nearby field, Commander Turco and Prince Sone. Easily capturing the pair, the team also finds an enormous shipment of silver bars, many times more than they can carry. They take what they can, tie up the Royalists and after compelling the Prince to give them the magic words of passage back, return to Port Kir using the teleporting portals. Akiro (being the only human) stays on the roof of the warehouse while Cobb leads the entire rest of the team to safety. After the team is safe, Akiro lights the signal and due to the efforts of SF Green, a squad of devout Pelor leaders appears on the scene, finds the teleporting portals, apprehends the Royalist traitors, and confiscates the silver.

The Royalists are soon divided and with a huge amount of their supplies now cut off, the Royalist forces around the island are in full retreat. SF Black returns to Lennis as heros of the rebellion each team member receiving a Medallion of Heroism. As the team leader, Cedarick’s Medallion is adorned with the spear and shield attachments. Cedarick is promoted to Commander and all other team members who are below Battle Chief are promoted to Battle Chief.** The end of the war is now within sight.

** Ranks; Trooper, Guardsman, Chief, Section Chief, Battle Chief, Master Chief, Commander, Lt Commander, Master Commander, Commander General.

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...further commendations: Hunter and Alton are awarded Bronze Bars for Exceptional Action in Combat, Hayden and James are awarded Wound Badges (kind of like a purple heart, Hayden's second), and Hunter is awarded a Campaign Ribbon (for time in service with a specific unit).

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Damn, damn, damn... Looks like the Bigun's war is ending. This war was the perfect place for me to train & hide from those damn Giants. The Bigs love their orders & commands too, but they don't crush your bones with clubs or chain you in irons when you ignore them. Here I was gaining lots of magic and abilities and can spend most of the Sun out enjoying and understanding the Fey. Some of the Bigs like Walster even also connect with the Fey too, but most don't, and those are the only ones we've been hunting in this war of theirs.

I know Cedaric shares my regret that this war is ending for his own reasons. My magic is growing, and can now easily hunt the common Big, but not the powerful Bigs like my new friends on Cedaric's team, and not yet Giants. Someday I'll be hunting Giants... if this Bigun war would just continue a little longer, I can grow powerful enough to begin the hunting. Hell, we turned away a small Dragon already. Soon I'll be strong enough with the Fey magic to hunt Giants. It was definitely fun using the Fey magic to change Alton to Demonform. I'll be doing that more for sure...

Pity not the next lone Giant I find. Those enemies of the Fey are just getting what they deserve. Plus, my new armor lets me turn invisible again if things turn bad...

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At least you were able to hide from the Giants. Smile

Silk - Human/Hexblade [4e-Dark Nights Rising Campaign]
Kazoo - Halfling(Kender)/Hybrid(Rogue/Druid) [4e-Sakatha's Tomb]
Morbius Von Kas - Vryloka/Blackguard [4e-Rainbow Warriors Campaign]
Man'Tis Man'Todea - Thri-Kreen/Berserker [4e-Slave Lords Campaign]
Shandral Aurlong - Human/Sorcerer [5e-Hoarde of the Dragon Queen Campaign]
Danilo Rand - Monk/Human [5e-Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign]
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Kazoo the Kender: "Hmm, I'll take....the Wand of Wonder." The rest of the party regretted giving Kazoo the first treasure pick.[/b][/b]
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