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20160311 Recap WAR! The Why Don't You Axe Them Mission

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The Why Don’t you Axe Them Mission

Strike Force Manticore; Pax (Half Elven Ranger – Art), Bannor (Human Fighter, Brendon) and Belladonna (Human Seeker, Brad).

Gale the air spirit arrives and tells the Pax, Whey and Bannor that the half orcs were scattered and that Bannor is to go to the west and relay the message to the Blood Hawks. Pax and Whey are to head south to the beach. During the trip back to the beach, Pax and Whey get separated. Bannor, meets up with Belladonna who has gotten separated from her platoon after the wizards from Tyr Amar disrupted the battle at the beach. Belladonna decides to go with Bannor until she can find the rest of her unit.

On the way west, the pair find three women who they figure out were just out gathering fruit when they were attacked by what they think were half orcs. Two are dead and one is badly wounded. Belladonna confirms that the women came from the north and the attackers came from the south and after the attack, they headed southeast. The wounded woman weakly indicates that she wants her rescuers to take her to the northwest. Belladonna urges Bannor to pick up the girl and follow the trail of the attackers. Going only a short distance, the trail comes to a stream and they loose the tracks. They change course and head northwest where they come to a church of Pelor.

At the church, there are almost twenty wounded women being tended to by three priestesses and one older priest. Bannor puts the wounded woman he’s carrying into the care of the priests. Belladonna speaks with the priest and learns that half orcs are scattered across the island and are attacking the villagers. While Belladonna is speaking to the priest, one of the woman, Jade, tells Bannor that she is into herbal medicine and that there are three bottles of medicine at her home. Bannor tells Belladonna this and since Jade’s home isn’t too far from where the Bloodhawks should be, the pair agree to retrieve the medicine to help all the wounded women. When the priest hears that Belladonna and Bannor are going to get the medicine, he gives them some arrows and magic oil to help them.

Not far from the church, Belladonna and Bannor met up with Pax who has lost her “Whey”. They soon run into a pack of hungry wolves and after a brief fight, drive them off.

Next, they pass by a bog, and meet Marcia, a woman who is stranded on a small island as she broke the poll for her skiff. Bannor cuts her a new pole and Pax crosses over the swamp water to hand it to her. To Pax’s surprise, Marcia attacks. She is supported by her two pet swamp lizards, Fang and Claw. One attacks Bannor and the other attacks Pax. Belladonna fires many arrows and summons swarms of swamp flies and bats to hinder the enemies. Pax is hard pressed by the first lizard and the Bog Hag, Bannor is grabbed by the second lizard. With a mighty twist, and an elbow down on the lizard’s head, Bannor escapes the grab and uses a burst of strength to speed toward the Hag, forcing her away from Pax. Pax evades the first lizard which decides Belladonna looks more tasty. The Hag moves behind some trees and Bannor comes up behind her and Belladonna circles at a good distance to take a shot but the Hag has vanished. Pax and Belladonna concentrate fire on the first lizard, and slay the beast and the second lizard retreats into the bog.

After a brief rest, the team moves on to warn the Bloodhawks and Belladonna sees a wisp of smoke nearby. Stealthing ahead, she spies a band of half orcs. Pax makes the decision to attack. Luckily for the team, they have surprise and Pax gets off a total of five shots before the orcs begin to react. Bannor closes the distance and cleaves two of the more heavily armored orc warriors. Belladonna moves to the left flank and exchanges shots with the orc archers as does Pax on the right flank. After a chaotic pitched battle, several fleeing orcs are downed with only moderate injuries inflicted on SF Manticore.

A quick breather and the team marches on, arriving at Jade’s village which appears abandoned. They find the medicine inside her home but are ambushed by a hungry Manticore when they try to leave. Belladonna peaks out from the corner of the house and shoots and quickly hops back into the door jam. She repeats the move a few times as Bannor moves ahead from cover to cover with Pax moving out to get a better shot. As the strafing beast flies past, Pax yells for Bannor to wait and Pax fires a well aimed shot, hitting it in the body right near the wing causing it to fall to the trail. With a burst of speed, Bannor rushes forward and unleashes a fury of blows before the beast can gain it’s feet and take off out of reach again. With concentrated fire from all three team members, it’s not long before the wicked beast is vanquished!

After another rest, the team returns to the church and deliver the medicine to the wounded women. The Bloodhawks also have found their way to the church and were taking a short rest after battling a different group of half orcs. Both teams join forces and make their way back to the beach where a rebel frigate picks them up and returns them to Leniss. All three team members receive a battle ribbon and Bannor receives a Bloody Knife Token w Bronze Star (wounded in battle) as well as a Combat Badge (Bravery in Battle). Bannor is also promoted to Chief.

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3 bottles of medicine for 21 wounded people?

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Only need a tiny bit of the magical medicine to be useful. Also, many of the wounded were only slightly to moderately wounded. :-)

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Hmm okay.

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