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20160326 Recap WAR! The Are You There Mission Part 1

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Pax (Ranger - Art), Raistlin (Warlock - Arthur) and Nari-Lana (Wizard - Angie) are tasked with confirming the location of Sho-Hawk of Tyr Amar. It was Sho-Hawk who funded the Ash Bone Half Orc Mercenaries and Sho-Hawk with two other battle wizards have been teleporting around the island instructing the scattered half orcs to rally at Highwave Manor, a small fort on the northern coast of the island.

The team's mission is to go to the fort and confirm if Sho-Hawk and the other two wizards are actually present. If the team feels the situation is optimal, they can engage Sho-Hawk, but otherwise they are only to confirm his presence there.

In route to the fort, the team is crossing a marshy area and are attacked by several hungry crocs! The swampy ground is not an obstacle to the trio as two have water walking boots and the Warlock uses teleport. Using lighting and arrows the trio easily beat off the crocs who flee back into the marsh. Raistlin is the only one injured with minor bite wounds.

A bit up the path the team is surprised by a small group of archer soldiers. After a tense second, they determine that the soldiers are SF Ranger, led by Chief Hightower. Hightower tells Pax that there are two ways into the fortress, a secret underground tunnel that Hightower will show SF Manticore the entrance and SF Ranger will remain outside and guard the entrance; and there's the main gate. SF Ranger will escort SF Manticore through the slums and to the main gate where they have a way to gain entrance. Pax choose to use the main gate and the two teams proceed.

While moving through the slums, the teams are attacked by a large force of black dwarfs. From doorways, alleyways and roof tops, the dwarfs make a sudden and coordinated attack. Pax wisely moves his team out of the kill zone as stun grenades and poison bolts rain down on the area. Most of the rebel elite archers are down within a few seconds and the trailing dwarfs use the rooftops to rush ahead to try to cut off the Rebels. Nari beats back two of the attackers and wounds two more with a pair of blazing blasts of fan shaped flames. Pax is dazed and blinded by several grenades but manages to lead his team to the edge of the slums. Nari Lana is in the lead, but wisely hides as the tough black dwarf hammer soldier (a leader) rushes by. Raistlin and Nari pin the hammer dwarf in place, allowing the rest of the team to rush past to safety.

After a short rest, the team arrives at the main gate of the small fort and Chief Hightower signals to an ally within the fort who opens the gate. (end of part one)

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