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20160108 Recap WAR! The Where oh Where Mission

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1 20160108 Recap WAR! The Where oh Where Mission on Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:31 pm

Strike Force Manticore; Pax (Half Elven Ranger – Art), Vidia (Pixie Rogue – Ross), Raistlin (Human Invoker – Arthur), Souldun (Human Warlord – Vic), and Belladonna (Human Seeker, Kenji) are resting after protecting the northern coast from slavers and battling what may be some advance forces from Tyr Amar.

Commander Bakken informs the team that the Lantern of Battle is still on Grong Island and if it can be located and then destroyed or captured, that could significantly weaken any potential Tyr Amar invasion. SC Incyrus, the Regimental Quartermaster, is transporting an item that can enable wizards at our headquarters locate the lantern. SF Manitcore is to meet the transport ship with SC Incyrus at the docks and escort her through the town to the headquarters.

After receiving their warning order from Cagvree, Pax musters her team and heads to the docks. SF Manticore makes it to the docks without trouble and waits onboard the ship as two other teams, SF Green led by Cagvree and MC Bender leading his personal guards. Each of the three teams then takes a hooded and clocked woman in a different direction away from the docks. What Pax and the others don’t know, after all three teams are gone, the Bloodhawks, who were on the ship, take a forth, previously unseen woman on a forth route. SF Manticore had the honor of escorting the real Isabelle Incyrus, not one of the decoys. She told them that they could take one of three paths; cutting through buildings including an inn and two warehouses, use the catacombs near a possible library of Ioun, or lastly, move quickly along Canal Street which is the fastest but most open route. Pax consults most of the team and decide on the catacombs. At a point near the headquarters, the Warlord on point is rushed by a large squad of black dwarf assassins. Souldun downs one, but several rush by him and slash Raistlin. Belladonna and Pax return fire and Vidia rushes forward as she was far to the rear, watching for trailing enemies. The situation escalates when the assassins hurl a number of explosive fire grenades. Each of the team’s archers down an assassin but for each one downed, two more rush forward. Several team members are hit with poison bolts and have to struggle to stay sharp. The team seems to have the situation under control with most of the dwarves down, and Incyrus safely in the rear when she alerts the group that something is approaching from behind. Belledonna makes a great shot against an opponent she can’t really see and delays the two Dwarven Black Terrors who were invisible, very fast, and very stealthily approaching from behind. Souldun is battling the dwarven Shock Trooper and the pair of Terrors trade off using melee and poisoned darts to press the team into a small area near the initial encounter point. A couple assassin retreat and the Shock Trooper falls back. When most of the team turns to face the Terrors, the Terrors (being lurkers and not stand up fighters) back off. After regrouping, and passing near where the Ioun Library probably lies (Raistlin had a positive, uplifting feeling), the team sees Issabelle Incyrus safely to the headquarters.

After a short rest, Cagvree (who delivered his decoy to the headquarters) tells SF Manticore that General Hunter is giving a speech a few blocks away and that he could use some extra security around the stage (solid perimeter), or on the stage (close support), or above and behind the stage (over watch). Having mostly ranged weapons, Pax chooses over watch and SF Manticore relieves the team of six crossbowmen who are reassigned to perimeter duty. After receiving an award from his men and making an inspiring speech, Hunter is suddenly attacked. A pair of wizards isolate the stage with a wall of blades and a wall of fire. The stage collapses and Hunter is faced with; an Earth Elemental, a Fire Elemental, Folzoo the Wizard, the Pearl of Pelor, and a Black Dwarf Terror. The two wizards teleport away before too many of the former soldiers in the crowd could react. Thinking quickly, Vidia teleports Hunter up to the roof before the attackers could finish him off. Not knowing where Hunter had gone, the team of Royalist attackers fled into the sewers with the Earth Elemental sealing off the tunnel and the Fire Elemental flying up to scorch the team and draw the majority of the Rebel attacks. Many security guards and soldiers in the audience are now firing a storm of arrows and any attackers in view. Fire Elemental flies off after being challenged by the Invoker. With Hunter safely away, the team returns to headquarters.

While the team was listening to Hunter’s speech, the Rebel leadership was able to locate the Lantern which was in a remote area on the island. By scrying the area, they learned they could teleport a small team into a room near the lantern. By using clairaudience, they also learned that the Tyr Amar leadership planned to move the Lantern very soon. It was quickly decided to teleport SF Manticore into action. After a short rest in a quick recovery room at the headquarters and being handed a scroll to return the Lantern and a scroll to get back, SF Manticore teleports right into the lunchroom of the garrison guards, right during lunch time. Luckily, none of the SF is in a space with a guard so the team is all standing. Also, luckily, Vidia acts before the guards and takes down two thirds of them by blasting most of the room. The blast alerts the two guards who are nearby on watch and per their orders, they ride to summon reinforcements. The battle is over quickly with all the guards down and the TA Captain taken prisoner. The team spends some time searching the area, allowing the TA reaction team to get closer to the outpost.

Just outside the lunchroom, the team notes a courtyard, guarded by a huge two headed silver molt (winded dog that breaths lightning). It is chained to a tower with an iron door and the team assumes that it is guarding something. The team positions and then open the doors, spread out and release a storm of arrows and spells. The dog blasts the team again and again with lighting. After a violent exchange, the molt downed.

Vidia then opens the iron door on the tower and confirms that the lantern is in the room. It is guarded by a magical trap (electrified floor) and Vidia flies over it and uses the scroll to send the Lantern back to head quarters. Vidia then spots the cloud of dust being put up by the two dozen horses as the TA reaction force charges toward the outpost. Having accomplished their mission, Pax has SF Manticore use the return scroll to teleport back to HQ.

For completing the mission with a high degree of success, and for saving General Hunter, all team members receive a Third Red Star for their Silver Mission Ribon. Pax is promoted to full Master Chief and awarded a Silver Star Pin for effective leadership. Vidia is also confirmed to full Master Chief. Souldun is promoted to Section Chief.

Souldun is awarded the token of the Bloody Knife w Broze Star. For inventive thinking, Vidia is awarded a Combat Badge (bravery in battle) and is told that she can draw any 8th Level Item of his selection from the Unit Quarter Master. All team members can trade in an existing 6th or 7th level item and draw a new 9th level item of their choosing. All team members draw 1,000 GP in pay which can combined with other gold the team member might have to purchase any item or items of 8th Level or less.

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