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Recap - 20111022 - WAR! Atredies Lives!

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1 Recap - 20111022 - WAR! Atredies Lives! on Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:35 pm

The Royalist forces are falling back on all fronts. In the south, Rebel forces are pushing north on a broad front. Ahead of Taskforce Tradewind, a line of skirmish teams screen the advance of the main body. One of these teams is team Atredies, lead by Guardsman Atredies (Paladin 3rd, Damon Mar), providing long range artillery support is Firestorm (Wizard 3rd, Scott Mar), scouting and precision archery is the job of Nimble (no relation to the famous hero of Westron, 3rd Ranger, Mick) and Tydrake (Dragonborn Fighter 3rd Ross) is the armored anchor of the team.

Flanked by supporting teams, Team Atredies (the "A Team") is responsible for a sector with rocky gullies and light forest. A chill October wind blows and out of an overhead raincloud, a giant flying undead longship appears! As it glides overhead, skeletons and zombies rain down along the entire front. Initially there are 5 skeletons and one zombie. The zombie immediately engages Tydrake and rakes him with its claws. Firestorm and Nimble quickly down several of the skeletons with ranged attacks while Atredies is separated from the group up a slope fighting another skeleton. The next wave to decend upon the A Team is three zombies and three (tougher) skeletons. Firestorm is flanked by two zombies and takes life threatening damage but is saved when Nimble downs both from long range. Nimble also dodges around the battlefield, avoiding charging zombies. Atredies downs his skeleton and moves to help Tydrake with the tougher zombie leader. The final pass, drops a second zombie leader and three additional skeletons. A blast of fire fries two skeletons and wounds a large zombie. Rapid arrows take down several more and then it is Tydrake and Atredies trading blows with the three toughest undead. With the combined power of all four heroes, all the undead are downed.

After a short breather, the team receives order to advance into the foothills and check a village for survivors. As they enter the snow covered hamlet, they are assaulted by two huge dire wolves and a crazed barbarian. The trained war wolves flank Tydrake and deal serious damage. Atredies moves to help and suddenly finds himself pinned between a wolf and the axe barbarian who nearly shears the Paladin's breastplate in two. A bite to the neck by the wolf lays Atredies down, dying. Tydrake (also badly wounded) retreats and draws the enemies toward him. One wolf slips away and gashes the wizard badly, even after teleporting away and catching his breath, Firestorm is barely standing. Nimble continues to pour arrows at the attackers but they seem to have little effect. Calling upon every last reserve, Tydrake tries several times to revive Atredies but to no avail, all the while Tydrake is taking more punishment. The dazed Firestorm bravely blasts an acid cloud at the barbarian, enraging him (and adding to his damage!). The maddened axeman charges the wizard and nearly takes the wizard down but is hit with a sheet of flames in return. Firestorm frantically dashed behind a hut with the barbarian right behind. Tydrake is prone, struggling with the wolves and bleeding badly. Nimble, seeing an opening, dashes over and revives Atredies just in time (had missed two death saves). With Atredies back in the fight, he and Nimble rush to aid Tydrake and down the first wolf. The barbarian seeks revenge and charges the trio, allowing Firestorm to reset himself and down the second wolf with force bolts. Finally with the upper hand, the team concentrates their attacks and puts the barbarian down. All are entirely spent and take satisfaction in cheating death, today, but there's always tomorrow... Not the end.

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2 Re: Recap - 20111022 - WAR! Atredies Lives! on Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:36 pm

This was actually a lot of fun. Hope Damona and Scott play again soon.

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3 Re: Recap - 20111022 - WAR! Atredies Lives! on Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:24 am

Sounds like a fun time! Smile

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