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In the Slave ship campain, what kind of charicter would be useful?

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Im trying to decide a good character for the campaign what could the party use?

artificer looks intresting, I could level up a monk or paks (archer)... requests, commands from the god like being that is the dm?


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In the Slave Ship series... I'm playing an Artificer. We are losing our Captain, who is a Bard (Leader) type. I'm thinking a Paladin, a Warlord (melee type), a Warlord (archer type), a replacement Bard, a Cleric, or even a Shaman might be useful (so we have a second healer).

We can always use a good striker (archer Ranger or monk)....

I really can't remember what any of the other players are playing, except Kenji playing the Bard...

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List of PC’s are in the Slave Ship “People Places and Things” section.

Silk - Human/Hexblade [4e-Dark Nights Rising Campaign]
Kazoo - Halfling(Kender)/Hybrid(Rogue/Druid) [4e-Sakatha's Tomb]
Morbius Von Kas - Vryloka/Blackguard [4e-Rainbow Warriors Campaign]
Man'Tis Man'Todea - Thri-Kreen/Berserker [4e-Slave Lords Campaign]
Shandral Aurlong - Human/Sorcerer [5e-Hoarde of the Dragon Queen Campaign]
Danilo Rand - Monk/Human [5e-Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign]
Nathan Grey - Ardent (4e-Terran One Campaign)
Walt Dixon - Bladesinger (4e-Terran One Campaign)
Battlefield Soldier: Saturnicus
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Kazoo the Kender: "Hmm, I'll take....the Wand of Wonder." The rest of the party regretted giving Kazoo the first treasure pick.[/b][/b]
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Ross wrote:List of PC’s are in the Slave Ship “People Places and Things” section.

I don't think the characters there have been updated for a while.

Last few times I played, I had switched to a Sorcerer.

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I play a bugbear ranger in the slaveship campaign. Mostly melee based but like any ranger can switch to a greatbow as needed.

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I play a dwarven battlerager... tank, something different. Wait, I often seem to have a tank.

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