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Recap 20170826 Rainbow Warriors - Going Out in a Blaze of Glory

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Recap 20170826 Rainbow Warriors_Going Out in a Blaze of Glory

Morbius (Blackguard – Ross), Josie (Human Warlord Paladin – Stuart), Seniya (Avenger/ Wizard – Mick), Bea (Deva – Shaman/ Warlord – Ken), Arthur (Delkra, Deva, Avenger), Art (Monk - Snow) and Chris (Hunzu - Shardmind - Invoker) team up as they continue to battle the forces aligned against them.

Snow and Delkra arrive on planet Arraghast and rescue a pair of young people who are ready to be sacrificed. The heroes use a communication stone to speak to the rest of the heroes. Snow and Delkra go to the village and find there are many very committed people there, ready to die for their cause. They arrange transport of an air ship and proceed to meet up with the rest of the team who is walking toward the Slayer Cave that Snow and Delkra arrived from. As the team sights the airship, suddenly a beautiful woman appears and yells for help that she is being attacked by a group of elementals. The group is instantly suspicious of her and Josie’s senses tell her she is lying as Josie fires a holy arrow at the woman. The rest of the group battles the elementals who seem to be under the control of the woman. After a short skirmish, despite the poison gas cloud cast by the woman, all of the elementals are defeated and discovering the woman is actually an evil hag, Morbius finishes her. The group boards the ship and proceeds back toward the village of the couple Delkra and Snow helped.

Coasting in for a landing, the group sees some of the villagers torturing a minotaur and yells for them to stop, then chaos and battle ensue. Morbius rips the cover off a tall object in the village square and it is a status of Glory the evil goddess. All of the villagers are scientists or guards loyal to Glory. Most of the group rushes forward to the east near to the building that the minotaur was coming from. A village scholar tells Bea that Glory is here and can only be killed by a special weapon. Snow rushes toward the west where there are more minotaur in danger and draws a number of the guards away. Delkra passes by a building and sees a whole room full of minotaur prisoners and Glory herself at the back of the room. Morbius and Delkra move to the attack and with barely a wave of her hand, throws them across the room. Delkra does manage to note which of the prisoners is Argg’s avatar and hands him his axe. However, the axe is not enough as Glory is too powerful. After downing many of the guards and knocking out many of the scholars, the group is fleeing to get on the waiting ship. Hunza is downed by Glory’s magic and Argg picks up the downed Hunza instead of the golden statue as they jump aboard the ship and fly away from a cursing Glory.

The group returns to planet Ashe and manages, more or less, to convince Captain Cole that the group was not responsible to his nephew’s death and that the Highway Patrol has a mole within their ranks. Cole gives the group the Deygone Sphere to help defeat Glory. After a good night’s rest and a healthy meal, the Warriors head back to planet Argg.

They arrange for the airship to stay below the cliff’s horizon. The group jumps off near the village with Argg helping them, they attack. A lighting storm by Hunzu stuns Glory, setting her back on her heels. Others attack the statue, further weakening the goddess. While she is weakened, all the Warriors attack her with a fury. She takes a couple wild strikes and misses, and Argg dispatches Glory’s avatar in a blaze of steel and blood.

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