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Recap 20170714 Rainbow Warriors - The Tri-Planet Trifecta

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Rainbow Warriors – The Tri-Planet Trifecta 20170714

Morbius (Blackguard – Ross), Josie (Human Warlord Paladin – Stuart), Seniya (Avenger/ Wizard – Mick), and Bea (Deva – Shaman/ Warlord – Ken).

Waking up a bit disturbed at the highway patrol office, several of the Rainbow Warriors (those that do dream) had a dream where the warriors were shown in the worse light possible regarding the death of the officer’s nephew in the initial battle of one hundred orcs. As such, the warriors used the airship and made their way to the nearby Slayer Cave, avoiding the flies by jumping off the airship and running into the cave, head long into a half dozen plant monsters! The smaller ones would restrain the warriors with their vines while the larger ones used their vines from a much longer distance. Although the plants did moderate damage to the warriors, it wasn’t long before the plants were compost.

The airship left to get away from the flies and with the plant creatures sliced and diced, the Slayers arrived at Planet Kennedy and were ambushed by a group of cultists who were laying in wait for the Slayers. There were two elite skirmishers and about a dozen archers split into two groups. The cultists, although totally committed to their cause, were no match for the Slayers and within just a few seconds all the cultists were down or running. By questioning and misleading one of the prisoners, the Slayers led the cultists to believe that the Slayers were heading to the Queen’s city. By releasing the prisoner, the Slayers hoped that the cultists would gather reinforcements from the Pharos City, leaving it vulnerable.

After the Slayers had moved off toward the Queen’s City, and letting the cultists see them, the Slayers doubled back and sneaked back into the Slayer Cave and arrived at Planet Argoth but right during an earthquake! Running out of the collapsing cave, the warriors saw a huge cliff rising. Josie jumped up and caught the top of the cliff. Seniya gave Bea and Morbius a ride up to the cliff top. Sensing the presence of a strong magical aura, the party approached an old temple surrounded by soft sand. Three beautiful women started singing to charm Morbius, in fact the entire group was tempted to move toward the edge of the cliff. Seniya pushed the leader off the cliff but the vixen didn’t fall as she could fly. Hampered and dazed from the singing, Bea and Josie continued to encourage the others (gave them saves) and the group managed to capture all of the vixens who told the party that the nearest Slayer Cave was across the butte many days away.

Approaching the ruins, the warriors were attacked by sand yetis and howlers. Having a tough time trudging through the soft sand, the party was relatively immobile. However, by concentrating on only the few hairy giants that were rushing forward at the moment, the warriors very effectively concentrated their fire power and took all of the violent beasts down. After a brief search of the ruins, Morbius found a power artifact, empowering the entire group. After a brief rest, the brave warriors continued onward across the butte to find another Slayer Cave as the one near the cliff edge is totally collapsed. To be continued…

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I did like the part where Morbius ate the guys head trying to scare the other cultists.

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