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20170317 Recap Rainbow Warriors - Planet Ash Bugs Me Part 1

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I'm at least going to write a brief recap...

Left planet Kenneday and arrived at Planet Ash. Had to fight some cultists.

Noted that what we thought to be an alarm beacon was damaged. Surrounding the entrance to the Slayer Cave exit was thick brush and when Josie attempted to cut the brush, it seemed to be alive and creatures further down slope reacted. Used a small bridge to get to a huge tree branch and walk out over a large valley of old growth forest. Crossing the front of the Slayer Cave was a highway of sorts, a elevated bridge through the dense forest. After fighting swarms of spiders and a few phase spiders we started to repair the beacon.

Seeing a huge group of orcs approaching, Bea used her elemental to block the passage while we all fled to Argot's planet.

Had to fight some cultists upon arriving at Argot's planet. Looked around a bit and learned of a nearby large underground city. Made a note of how to get there in the future.

Went back to planet Ash and the orcs were gone. The orcs did not repair the beacon so we're thinking they are the attackers/ aggressors. Then met a lot of dragon born and humans who do maintain the beacon and did not know of any orcs who had gone down into the underdark. The dragon born and humans didn't even know of the underdark. It was decided that there may be a pending attack from the orcs of the underdark to the surface world.

We went to rest at the forest city of the humans and dragon born. Saw Ash's young double.

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