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Game On! Friday 18 Dec - Buffyverse Lev 28th

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1 Game On! Friday 18 Dec - Buffyverse Lev 28th on Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:35 pm

I'm available, but don't have an adventure ready.

Ken is on VAC so he might be able to make it.
Brad can make it.
Ross said he might be able to make it and has Slave Ship 21st Lev ready.

Jurys can make it.

Anyone else available?

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I'm out. I get in from SF at 7:45 AM. Then I have a holiday party for work from 2-5 and then a neighborhood party from 6-midnight or so. The 8-2 timeframe will probably be spent buying white elephant gifts for the two parties since I am in SF all week. Very Happy

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Might be able to play Fri, depends on the start/stop time... have to be up at 4am Sat morning...

Seeing Star Wars Sat evening.

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Ross is out for Friday night... but Ross can play on Saturday... added Saturday to this chain in case that looks better for the group.

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The jurys can do either one. Or both!

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Okay, I'm now out on Saturday night... so it's looking more like Friday. Kenji, can you DM Buffy? So we'll have Art, Arthur, me and maybe Ken. Will try to get TK and hopefully Mick or Ibuki can make it...

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Yes, I can DM a Buffyverse adventure this Friday. Game on! :-)

The Mind Flayer nobles are extremely happy with your gifts. You hear a happy telepathic intrusion in your minds: "Badilithidass, <Mindflayer word for Slayers, meaning 'became a person'> You are certainly living up to your prophesy! Your gifts are amazing. Thank you..." You note they are eager to send the two 3d-printers you gave them to their city and the elder brain there, but not until their down using it for themselves.

For the cost of residuum equal to it's minimum enhancement value, you discover your 3d printer can also craft special materials for magic armors. (While your 3d printer can print another printer, it cannot replicate the magic component to also do this...)

Giles is eager to get going on his mission in London which needs your urgent help. He seems very closed lipped about the details though. Brushing up on your Deva lore, you know that their species reincarnates through special Soul Fountains though, and there aren't many left since the Vampires behind government declared them all 'terrorists' and started destroying them...

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What level are we at in the Buffyverse campaign?

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Okay, Friday - Buffy Lev 28 -Brad/ Kenji are DM'ing.

Got two Jurys, Stuart, Ken (on Vac but has an early curfew).
Reached out to TK but have not heard back.
Mick will probably show up after basketball to join in the really good battle.
Still room for another...

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I should be there.
Likely no basketball because of Christmas break.

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11 Re: Game On! Friday 18 Dec - Buffyverse Lev 28th on Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:06 pm

TK is out. Mick is in. So that gives us, Brad DM, and Art, Arthur, Stu, Mick, and Ken as players. Arthur, if Vic happens to be at hyper or is reading the boards, Brad is updating his Warlord to 28th... but there's a lot going on with a PC at higher levels.

Everyone come with your character leveled up to 28th and printed out and all ready to roll initiative.

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12 Re: Game On! Friday 18 Dec - Buffyverse Lev 28th on Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:41 pm

Not sure I can make it... not feeling well.

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