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WAR - Cast of Characters

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1 WAR - Cast of Characters on Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:57 am

Here is a running list of all the NPC's in the WAR campaign

Primary NPCs the Players need to be concerned with:

Commander Turco - Commander, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Lennis Regiment. A very large, intimidating man, balding with a sword arm that is matched by few. Rumors state that he is an escaped slave from the mining city of Zazessspur. He has formed the party into a Special Missions team that is attached directly to him at the Battalion level. In part because of the successes of SF Black, promoted to Commander.

Section Chief Incyrus - Regimental Quartermaster 3rd Lennis Regiment. A woman, small of stature but large on efficiency. She somehow manages to aquire the supplies and equipment needed to keep the rebel army in the fight. Hayden , Cedarick, Hunter, Kebru, Kara and Walster know her on sight. Supported the party in fighting fire elementals and assasins as an attempt was made on the life of Mayor Wilkins, a good friend. Informed party of possible spy within the Rebel forces.

Ensign Chris Pike, Commander of the Silloette. A tall stern man with a dark complexion and a dark sense of humor. His crewmen are as strong as he is fast. Transported Strikeforce Black on their mission to Zemya Major. Attendant Dankel is second in command. Inserted SF Black on numerous missions.

Falzool - Powerful merchant in the House of Swords, reports directly to "Saber" one of the five founding merchants. Owns a large estate and has his own fleet of merchant ships. Once a military officer and winner of numerous battles before he became a merchant. Spotted by SF Black exiting the lair of a black dragon. Known to associated with Lo-Kag of Bane.

Lo-Kag, Champion of Bane - A Goliath and holy warrior of Bane. Motivated by battle and glory. 7'2" and 300 lbs, bald with grey skin and red streaks. Known to hate dwarves. Wields a heavy war pick. Fought Walster for many, many minutes until Walster had finally forced him to surrender. Sighted by SF Black with two Ettins while behind Royalist lines. Sighted by SF Black w Falzool exiting the lair of a black dragon.

Secondary Characters that add background and completeness to the storyline:

Chief Hawkins - 1/2 elf FTR, the first rebel platoon commander (3/2/2/3rd Reg) many of the PC's served under; a fine but a little intense of a man. KIA at the Battle of Catapult Tower Ridge.
Section Chief Greys - Human Warlord, the first rebel company commander (2nd Company) the PC's served under; a man who always sought the middle path. KIA at the Battle of Catapult Tower Ridge.
Hazel of Shaelrick, a drow archer and guide working for the Rebels on Zemya Major. Has a sparrow as her trusted companion. Long white hair, short slender build, large purple eyes.
Alrand, Rebel Irregular, human leader living on Zemya Major. Tall, well built swordsman. Helped the party escape the island by giving them a giant Roc egg. Companions are Postatio and Horatio.
Thunderbolt and Corsaire - A pair of Rocs that enabled the party to leave Zemya Major at the conclusion of the team's mission.
Master Chief Dana - A female elf Ranger and aid to Commander Turco. Left SF Black vital supplies in an abandoned temple of Bane.
Master Chief Bender - A rebel wizard with two air spirit daughters. Warned Walster of a possible spy within the rebel ranks.
Wendy and Gale - Air Spirits, daughters of MC Bender (see above)
Chief Amoon - Leader of the Bloodhawks, a team of elite rebel soldiers
Wright - 54 year old shipwright, survivor of sea zombie attack. Killed by Hunter and Hayden at the village of Starspire.
Cagvree - Rebel elite soldier and member of SF Green. Wields twin sabers, rescued by SF Black at the village of Starspire. Served as the party's guide on the Hammer and Cross Mission to bring back Hephestus, a defecting Fire Giant. Served as the party's guide on the Hide and Seek Mission, where the party hid to ambush Royalists and then had to go seek what happened to Cagvree who was captured by Royalists with a Black Dragon at the Badger Creek Bridge.
Mayor Wilkins - of the town of Matteral, nearly assasinated by Oz(wald), a former assasin who trained with Hunter. Wilkins was giving a speach blasting "double dealing arms merchants" at the time of the attempt on his life.
Hephestus - blind teenage female fire giant blacksmith, daughter of one of the greatest fire giant smiths of all time. Defected from the Royalists when she
objected to how they were mis-treating her.
Statennent - Priest of Orcus, has attacked the party several times.
Toumerrid - Priest of Orcus, known to be in the area with his followers.

Last edited by Teramotos on Mon May 30, 2011 9:07 am; edited 9 times in total (Reason for editing : Updated for Mission 7)

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2 Re: WAR - Cast of Characters on Sun Jul 04, 2010 1:59 pm

Updated regarding 2 July Mission

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3 Re: WAR - Cast of Characters on Sun Jul 04, 2010 10:49 pm

Teramotos wrote:Updated regarding 2 July Mission
Stu, you realize that you have around 2 dozen NPCs here and we've only had 3 adventures... and in those adventures we are still trying to get to know our own PCs, and the other PCs in our party. Imo, that's easily 20 named NPCs too many.
The main reason I love 4.0 over the 3.x versions is that it's so much simpler. Ross' campaign has the captain & the 1st mate for NPCs by contrast.

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4 Re: WAR - Cast of Characters on Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:31 pm

15 is hardly two dozen. Divided the NPC's into two groups, primary NPC's of which there are three and secondary ones (all the others).

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5 Re: WAR - Cast of Characters on Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:16 am

Teramotos wrote:15 is hardly two dozen. Divided the NPC's into two groups, primary NPC's of which there are three and secondary ones (all the others).
Okay, let's split the difference since I count 18 names. That's still 15-16 too many.
Master Chief Turco -1
Section Chief Incyrus 2
Ensign Chris Pike3
Attendant Dankel4
Chief Hawkins -5
Section Chief Greys -6
Hazel of Shaelrick,7
Alrand, 8
Corsaire -12
Master Chief Dana -13
Master Chief Bender -14
Wendy 15
Gale - 16
Chief Amoon -17
Wright -18

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6 Re: WAR - Cast of Characters on Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:10 pm

...updated for 29 January adventure.

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7 Re: WAR - Cast of Characters on Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:00 am

...updated for 12 March mission.

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8 Re: WAR - Cast of Characters on Mon May 30, 2011 9:08 am

...updated for the 29 May mission...

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