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GAME ON! Rainbow Warriors - Friday Nov 3rd 6 PM - Slave Ship Backup

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post when you can make a Slave Ship adventure, DM'ed by Ross...

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Ken said he is available Nov 3rd 4th and after...

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Pretty much any friday is fine for me.

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Busy on the 17th

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I can probably run one Friday, but would prefer to do Rainbow Warriors as we have limited time for that campaign.

Silk - Human/Hexblade [4e-Dark Nights Rising Campaign]
Kazoo - Halfling(Kender)/Hybrid(Rogue/Druid) [4e-Sakatha's Tomb]
Morbius Von Kas - Vryloka/Blackguard [4e-Rainbow Warriors Campaign]
Man'Tis Man'Todea - Thri-Kreen/Berserker [4e-Slave Lords Campaign]
Shandral Aurlong - Human/Sorcerer [5e-Hoarde of the Dragon Queen Campaign]
Danilo Rand - Monk/Human [5e-Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign]
Nathan Grey - Ardent (4e-Terran One Campaign)
Walt Dixon - Bladesinger (4e-Terran One Campaign)
Battlefield Soldier: Saturnicus
Diablo III Battletag: Saturnus#1572
XBox GamerTag: Drizityn

Kazoo the Kender: "Hmm, I'll take....the Wand of Wonder." The rest of the party regretted giving Kazoo the first treasure pick.[/b][/b]
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Mickey is 70% for Friday the 3rd of Nov

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Unfortunately I am out this weekend as that is my sons birthday. Might be able to do the weekend after (10th/11th).

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Ken is in for 3rd... I"m calling "Game On"!

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Calling Game On! ...for Friday Nov 3rd - Kenji DM'ing...
Stuart, Ross, Ken, and Mickey are all confirmed as playing. Chris is out.

No word from Jeff.

If Jeff cannot make it, maybe Art who was on IR last time and/or Arthur can fill out the group. Ultimately up to the DM.

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Ross wrote:I can probably run one Friday, but would prefer to do Rainbow Warriors as we have limited time for that campaign.

Great. Learn my name by then.

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Ibuki is out... so we have four; Stuart, Ross, Ken and Mick.
Art, Arthur, with Chris and Ibuki out, there are two chairs for you if you want them.

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I can play Friday will.
Dad can play too.

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The Rainbow Warriors just left Planet Kenneday and is in (not on) Planet Argot. While on Planet Kenneday, the party made little note that the Gnome Ewan was waiting for Princess Jackie, who was behind schedule to join Ewan at the 8th Queendom. Not sure why, but traveling from friendly Queendom to friendly Queendom, especially with her full Royal Guard, you're not really worried about the Princess. Note too, while on the floating islands of Planet Telgarth, you also saw the Planet growing, while noticing the other Rainbow Planets appearing brighter in the sky...

While in the Underdark of Planet Argot, with the crude map from the Chitines (misformed Driders), all the surface dwellers feel like traveling up is better than down, and as Gird meditates on his artifact, he thinks up too. Note: Usually the Rainbow Warriors had strong feelings when near their artifact, but Gird's feelings are not strong and think might not be that close yet...

Your map is hard to interpret, as a stick line could be a tunnel, rock, or anything else, but you have something and it's reasonably accurate. Your Chitine prisoner (what do you do with him?) talks of "Great Baddies" above and below you. No idea what's above where you decide to head, but you decipher underneath you (quite a ways) is a Drow city where the Chitines escaped... The Chitine will utterly refuse to follow you down towards the Drow regardless of threats/bribes.

GM note: Glad to have Bae tomorrow and a bigger party for Planet Aya! :-)

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Looks like we're heading "up" then...

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