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Galactus adventure - very quick synopsis

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1 Galactus adventure - very quick synopsis on Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:21 pm

I didn't want to clutter up Ross's thread with this but here is what happened:

We found a completely dead world with everything living and all metal gone from it. We also heard of another world that the exact same thing happened to heading into the core worlds. From that we determined the next likely world that would get hit and we headed there.

Everyone was trying to evacuate when a meteor hit the world and it turned out to be Terrax. We fought him off and he left to go set up some hardware on the planet for Galactus while we researched Terrax. Terrax then came back and we eventually killed him before he could escape.

Galactus showed up and pulled the dead Terrax into his ship in orbit and then started setting up his machine to suck the life off the planet. Before he could do that and replenish his energy we destroyed the struts of the machine and it toppled leaving Galactus really really weak

Terrax tried to get us to kill Galactus to give him the power cosmic while we were negotiating with Galactus but we didn't like the idea of Terrax getting that much power. We made Galactus an offer to leave the inhabited planets alone in exchange for his life and we would show him some S class planets to gain energy from. Because he was so weak he needed the energy from Terrax and while we toyed with the idea of killing them both we ultimately brought Terrax to Galactus and he took the power cosmic back.

Galactus gave us a reward for sparing his life and he also noted that he can do time travel giving us the possibility of getting back to our own time. He can get us to +- 100 years of a point in time but the problem is we need to get him a reference point to go back to. None of us are star mappers so we don't know how to give him the reference point.

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2 Re: Galactus adventure - very quick synopsis on Fri Sep 26, 2014 6:53 am

Thanks for taking the time to do the write up Chris! Oh and I thought the aspect of fighting from the tops of buildings was kind of interesting...

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