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Detective Kate Lockley - for 24 Nov Game

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1 Detective Kate Lockley - for 24 Nov Game on Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:17 pm

18th level. After slaying the CEO of Wolfram & Hart (and 2nd eldest in the Vampire clan Aralius), as well as the clan's weaponmaster, the remaining elders (minus the High Council member) surrendered the Los Diables branch of W&H naming each of you Slayers department heads of the multi-faceted multimillion dollar operation. (Aura named new CEO) Kenneday, the new head of the medical department, was just settling into her new office when she hears/sees two police officers arguing over a gurney as the elevator doors open. "She's NOT on the protection plan!" "The new management will want to see her, trust me."

Brad wrote...

Kenneday approaches the bloody sheet covering the hot silhoette of homicide detective Kate Lockley, unfortunately sliced to shreds by some sort of sword wounds and preserved within some sort of magic aura. Kenneday recognizes her as the officer that helped the Slayers escape prison when you first met the other Slayers (& showed off with the cool motorcycle wheelies). As they exit the elevator you notice a 2nd gurney with a 2nd corpse, a furry, half Human, half Tiger humanoid with wrists facing the wrong way...

The police officers tell you they were serving a warrent to a crooked bar owner when they were attacked. And that Det Lockley is not authorized for 'homicide insurance' here @ W&H. It is SOP to quietly bring the 'weird' corpses to W&H but highly irregular to use consumable preservation magic on a cop not on the take...

What do you say to the officers before they leave? Do you have Kate raised? (9th level elite)

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2 Re: Detective Kate Lockley - for 24 Nov Game on Fri Nov 23, 2012 9:24 pm

Kenneday will say (to the officer who said we'd want to see Lockely), "Yes, you're dead right the new management will want to see her. Due to her (Kate's) strategic importance to the future direction of this firm, we need to get her on the protection plan. Either a pre-incurrance approval for her enrollment on the plan, or the execution of a management waiver for her inclusion in the plan is in order. Please arrange for the preservation of the body at once, or both of you might be very more than "dead right"."

If getting Kate raised is a process requiring only the direction of an authorizing manager, I'll authorize such and if there's a moderate cost associated with such, I'll authorize such from the Medical Department's Management Reserve as surely an R&D Department such as the medical department must have a pretty significant reserve.

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3 Re: Detective Kate Lockley - for 24 Nov Game on Sat Nov 24, 2012 9:46 am

(talked to Mick last night and) Ember tells Keneday that Ember's known the rituals required to resurrect the dead for many levels now and the residuum requirements are fairly modest (tiered to pretty pricey for epic levels, cheap & really cheap for paragon/heroic). She's happy to cast the ritual or you can have one of the staff Shamans do it. Do you have this done with Ember, a staffer, privately or in view of possible passers by?

Insight check tells you the cops were a little confused when you told them to arrange for the preservation of the body, as Kate's body is clearly glowing with some sort of magical protective aura against repose already (& they were nervous about using the consumable item on a known honest cop), but they both try not to make a scene. Seemingly happy to be done with this delivery & be on their way, the one that wanted to bring Kate to you as they take their leave says, "As you wish, you're the boss" as he gestures towards the magic glow around Kate already and they take their leave.

When they thought they were out of range, your Slayer perception also picks up as their elevator closes, "Well, the death threats haven't changed much...", "Yeah, but they're stupider too. She just told us they're working schemes with that goody-two-shoes cop. Old management wouldn't disclose their plans to us. I smell trouble." "We don't know anything yet. You know how secrets & lies are in this place..."

Each department is fully stocked with state of the art equipment (magical & mundane), BUT, Aura peruses the books and most of the cash reserve funds have been depleted and the main vault hasn't been restocked since you last robbed it though.

Later, Blade tells you that his research has disclosed many past clients on the 'protection plan' have paid multi millions, plus cooperation in their schemes (but most were crooked anyway), and had delayed magical curses & diseases also cast upon them while they were out. (Sighting the often repeated warning "magic comes with a price".)

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4 Re: Detective Kate Lockley - for 24 Nov Game on Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:42 am

I will arrange for the body to be moved to a location where Ember can perform the ritual in private, I'll be present to provide some security. I will not advertise that we're bringing her back from the dead, I will attempt to be somewhat discrete.

When she can talk, I'll ask her what happened, Ember of course is welcome and encouraged to be present.

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5 Re: Detective Kate Lockley - for 24 Nov Game on Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:43 pm

Ember will pay the 500 gp required to raise Kate. After the 8 hrs, I'll stand guard/rest while Kenneday questions Kate.

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6 Re: Detective Kate Lockley - for 24 Nov Game on Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:53 pm

Mick wrote:Ember will pay the 500 gp required to raise Kate. After the 8 hrs, I'll stand guard/rest while Kenneday questions Kate.

Note: Should technically be, "Ember will expend the 500gp of residuum", not "pay the gold" because gold isn't a ritual component. In the Buffyverse, for the most part, there is no currency exchange for gold, residuum, and currency (except fractionally for gold:currency). Please track these three seperately. Actual exchange rates may vary widely from the books depending.

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