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Det Lockley's journal

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1 Det Lockley's journal on Sat Oct 01, 2011 4:24 pm

Alive! After so long I was afraid to contiue hoping, but the Vampire Slayers tell me Karen's still alive! I don't know how they got their superpowers and do what they do, but I'm glad the world has Slayers as superheroes... even if they're just kids.

The new one, the 'boarding school brat' Kenneday, told me she had a plan to pose as visitors for another inmate, and were lucky enough to find through a Google search that she had a birthday that week and formed a plan. It was partially successful too in that because of the appointment Kenneday & Aura made, the gaurds turned off the electic fence surrounding the facility to keep up appearances.

Unfortunately, while everyone noticed the odd sight of a large Wolf combing the surrounding forest, they all simply ignored him as if he wasn't there. Of course, when it saw Telgarth trying to sneak in over the fence, it started barking and charging toward Telgarth. Losing his normal Slayer cool, he panicked & fleed over the fence cutting himself on the barbed wire and landing hard on his back on the other side. At least it wasn't also electrocuted...

Inside, Kenneday snuck into a bathroom and coordinated an assault on the gaurds with Angelus & Blade hiding outside in the woods. With their super powers they were easily able to slay the Vampire gaurds, but the Wolf chased Telgarth in and turned into the doctor, Blue Van Zarovich, who turned out to be an ancient Vampire making an easy battle very tough. (If only they didn't ingore that Wolf outside & fight the 17th level solo when he was alone...)

The Vampire orderlies (8th speds), not counting on the doctor's help (who comes & goes as he pleases) had a back up plan though, and when things turned bad for the orderlies, they released a dozen Zombies, former inmates accidentally killed and raised by the Doctor, who knows many secrets of undeath. The reinforcements proved to be tough as even when they killed them, the Zombies only stayed dead if killed by blessed <radiant> magic, which one of them had, but only one, and Telgarth was concentrating on fighting Doctor Blue. The Slayers, especially Angelus, probably had to kill each Zombie 3-4 times before Telgarth put them down for good (16th minions).

A tough battle as fought, but the Slayers all prevailed with only minor (for them) injuries and freed all the inmates, most of whom had nowhere to go, being interned in there so long, and they were being used as Cattle for a bloodbanking operation. If I had known, I'd never have had my sister committed there! At least I know that operation is shut down forever...

Afer slaying all the orderlies, Zombies, and dusting Doctor Blue (who turned to mist instead of dust and promised revenge before disappearing), they found a small floor vent (2"x15") in Dr Blue's office into a secret room below them. Both Telgarth & Blade had teleporting superpowers, and magically blinked into the otherwise inaccessable room, finding books & computer files that detailed the operation, Karen's escape from the insane assylum, and about the Zarovich estate in Bovaria where the Slayers tell me the dreaded Doctor will eventually return.

They also found a treasure vault. It's a good thing Blade didn't try to open it alone, as it took both knowledge in theivery (I'll have to watch that Blade fellow) and religion to bypass the magic glyph which would have triggered 8 Specters (15th) to attack the isolated Slayers below. Fortunately, they were able to bypass both parts of that trap and hauled off all the files & treasure without incident.

As they left, they suddenly realized the magic items & computer were tagged with sensors as soon as they left the perimeter of the fence and the Specters then attacked. At least they were all together though. The Specters started attacking Slayer & inmate alike with sickly auras to anyone who came near. Even the Slayers' super healing abilities wouldn't work. Worse, the fallen inmated were rising again as Specters themselves. It didn't take long for the remaining inmates to flee for their lives, but by that time the Slayers had a tough fought battle. Even with Aura's powerful healing magics the Specters had no problem killing even Angelus... but the undead curiosity fights best when slain! (I'll have to watch him too...)

In addition to their evil aura which damaged (10 nec) and prevented Slayer "surges", they died in an evil blast that drained "surges" as a death knell. Many of the Slayers were fearful of their lives, having finally met their match, but they all eventually walked away with their wounds.

I don't know why if Karen escaped a month ago that she wouldn't have contacted me, but I see that a Quentin Quigley visited her quite a bit too, and works with Ashe at a high tech lab. I guess I'll start there to track her down... I just hope she's still alright. <Ashe recalls the name as that weird super genius who he caught working on secret high tech vigilante gear a while back...>

I know they're all still wanted as terrorists for the casino massacre, but I'll not be turning them in and they are all heroes in my book!!

-homicide detective Kate Lockley journal entry

Post Script: Some of the surviving escaped inmates had grateful wealthy relatives who didn't know what happened to them, and through Kate offer a cash reward as a thank you to the Slayers, <which actually went to the Slayers who DIDN'T go on the adventure> equalling in dollars a 15th level item (though you can't yet make them that high)

Hope you guys enjoyed the battle & recap. -B

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2 Re: Det Lockley's journal on Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:26 pm

Note, as an fyi, the Slayers who went on the advenure found in the treasure a 15th level item and 8th level item each.

Also, I meant this to be a 'reply' to Stu's "we must be mad" thread, but it got posted as a 'new' instead. Don't know if anyone can move it to the appropriate thread?...

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