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Next Westron Series - High Low - Other

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1 Next Westron Series - High Low - Other on Mon May 14, 2012 8:28 pm

Okay, in the short term, I've (finally) finished the flow chart and storyline for the final adventure in the WAR! series. I'm looking forward to it, really.

After that, I can guest DM the Dragon WARS, or maybe even the Slaveship for an adventure or two.

I know there was some banter regarding my running a Gamma World series, before I commit long term to Gamma World, I'd like to run a couple "practice" sessions to see how much we all really like it, before I invest my time in creating a detailed back drop and authoring a ten adventure series.

I Lord Gamwich is back, and perhaps to get Scott and Damon back, I have given further thought to a new Westron series starting at 1st Level; okay, maybe as high as 4th. I was even thinking of making the players play two, or even three different PC's on the first few adventures (all at 4th) before selecting a character they'd play for the rest of the series. My thinking was that Brad, Ross, and Ken can DM the higher level series (seems they prefer such) and I'll do another series in the Heroic/ Paragon range. Thoughts - Disucss...

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2 Re: Next Westron Series - High Low - Other on Wed May 16, 2012 2:08 pm

Really not looking forward to another heroic series, but if things were made a bit more interesting then I could change my mind...

I do like the idea of players playing different PC every few levels/adventures. Maybe even say that each party needs to have at least 1 Defender, 1 Striker, 1 Controller, and 1 Leader. Then when a player switches they have to select a different role (not sure how hybrids should be handled if allowed...).

Still not sure how DMing at Heroic is any different than at Paragon or Epic. Most if not all NPCs are pre-gen'd and the stories can/should be pretty much independent from the PC or NPC levels. PCs at high Paragon and Epic do have more options, but they have bigger challenges to overcome as well.

Buffyverse has been a pretty fun journey so far, thanks Brad. We've gone from 1st up to 17th in about a year and a half. The PCs at the higher levels aren't that much different. Sure they have higher defenses and do more damage, but the monsters scaled up to match. I think the players that struggle with what attack to make had the same problems at 1st or 5th levels. Rolling Eyes

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3 Re: Next Westron Series - High Low - Other on Wed May 16, 2012 3:15 pm

I think the players that struggle with what attack to make had the same problems at 1st or 5th levels.

Sounds like Ken is talking about me Wink

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4 Re: Next Westron Series - High Low - Other on Wed May 16, 2012 4:15 pm

Hmmm...what do people think about the DM assigning Players what role (Leader, Striker, Defender, Controller) they have to play? I'd venture to say, they might not like that, or they might find it to be a refreshing change? If each party had to have a representative from each of the major roles, and no one wants to play a particular roll, is that a concern that can be overcome?

Hmmm...with the character generator, making a character, especially a lower level one, is really fast now. This aspect can facilitate playing different characters during the same series. I'll think about how to work this into the DM strategy and storyline of a series. 20th Level, there are quite a few more choices, items, and powers than at 5th... generally same for the monsters, tends to slow down play a bit but maybe not as much as inherent indecisiveness?

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5 Re: Next Westron Series - High Low - Other on Thu May 17, 2012 9:05 am

I actually like having player progression/development from the beginning and playing each level.

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6 Re: Next Westron Series - High Low - Other on Thu May 17, 2012 11:58 am

I like the higher level play as well. I don't think we have played a game in epic yet.

I do like the progression as you use all of the abilities as you get them. However we don't seem to play often enough for that to matter. Maybe if we did the jump 5 levels per session until we get to the level we want to play at as we did at the begining of the buffyverse arc that might alleviate some of it.

As far as what role to play I have played them all so far. There are enough interesting options in each role that I am sure I could find something new and fun to play.

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7 Re: Next Westron Series - High Low - Other on Tue May 22, 2012 5:07 pm

Okay, I've kinda decided what I want to do. If there's enough demand, I might run one Gamma World adventure just to see how the game plays.

I'll continue the WAR! series for a few more levels into Paragon, however, after the next adventure at 10th, the party will get the chance to switch PC's if they want. Advancement will be one level every two adventures.

I'm going to start writing a new series (in Westron) starting at 3rd Level; I'm intending this series to be primarily for less experienced players.

I don't think I'll guest DM the Dragon Wars series unless I get bored...

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