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The Exorcism of Jessica Bacos - Gameday Jan 3,2009 - 10:00am @ Brad's

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The Exorcism of Jessica Bacos
Gameday Jan 3,2009 - 10:00am @ Brad's

One day Orin Bacos arrives at Lancer's Keep in a merchant caravan from Dray. He quickly searches out Gabrielle and gives her a scroll from his daughter, Emily Bacos, the cleric the party helped save from cultists a few months ago. He says his daughter needs Gabby's help along with any friends she can muster up.

The note in the scroll says:
Dearest Gabrielle,
I am requesting your assistance to help save the soul of my Mother. As you remember, she was killed by witches a few months ago, and was raised as an apparation, forever trapped in a ghost form. At first I was glad to have my mother close by, even if she was undead, however she has progressively become more aggressive. Doing some research I have found that the longer my mother clings to this world the more she will lose control of who she once was. Furthermore I've found that I cannot just destroy her ghostly form as it will banish her soul into the darkest reaches of the Abyss, or worse.

However, all is not lost. At a very high cost I have learned a ritual that will remove her from her undead form and allow her to be consecrated properly. To do this I will need another who is a true worshipper of Avandra, and my Father and I feel it would be fitting if this person was you, as you have helped our family so much in the past. I must tell you that this ceremony is not without risk, as we must first summon her ghost to the resting place of her physical body, which is in the graveyard outside of Drey. The ritual I've learned will do this, however, it will also call other undead. Thus we will need a group of men and/or women experienced with armament or spell to protect us during the ritual. Unfortunately the Clerics and Paladin's of our local church are not as skilled as you and I, and would probably be overwhelmed by the apparitions and wretches that we would conjure. Your friends that assisted us before should be powerful enough bodyguards, and my Father can pay them, and you, well.

Gabrielle, please gather your friends and meet me at the graveyard East of Drey on just before the sunsets.

Blessed be the Goddess,
Sister Emily Bacos
Player instructions:
Select your PC's that are going. Remember, the more people you bring, the less gold you will receive for your assistance. Make sure you note what you have with you, including animal companions/mounts and supplies. It is a 3-day ride to Dray.

If you have any questions for Orin, Emily's Father, then reply to this post, as he will not be accompanying you to Drey. He has to wait to escort a shipment back to Dray, but it won't be ready for a few days.

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2 Technical Points on Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:07 pm

...note, "Dray" is D, r, "A", y, rather than "Drey". My attendance is tetative at best. I have to be at the church from 1:00 to 3:00 to work. If I skip Martial arts class (10:00 to 11:00 Saturday morning), I can be there for the start of the session. If it appears there will be plenty of players, I might pass on this one or stop by for what time I can be there.

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Gabby will be there to help along with any adventurous friends she can recruit to join. (5th now)

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