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@ Arthur - Axis and Allies - Re-Challenge Jan 2018

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Kenji challenges you to a rematch, switching sides. He will play the Allies this time. You can post here or you can contact him directly.

Unlike last time, as you are now familiar with our house rules, we'll use the standard start.

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I ordered a factory set from Historical Board Gaming so no running out of minor complexes now...

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Hahaha. Oh yeah and yes for the rematch

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Game started Sunday the 14th. After four turns the allies, Kenji, are in trouble. India and the british economy in the east has collapsed. Leningrad has fallen, Stalingrad will next turn. Moscow will be in dire trouble in two turns. There is a huge American fleet in Alaska but japan appears to be able to hold for now. Game will continue Monday night.

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Game continues today 17 Jan - after about six turns, Moscow is now under siege. Without help, the Russians will not hold for long. London looks to be secure for now but in a vain attempt, the UK lost nearly its entire air force in a failed attempt to sink a fleet of german transports. The RAF did sink the German heavy cruiser Graf Spee and its destroyer escort, but the swarms of FW190 interceptors shot down all of the attacking hurricanes and British Lancaster heavy bombers with no losses to the Luftwaffe.

In the far east, the US has taken Korea away from the Japanese and left a small garrison and the main US fleet has moved south toward Hong Kong. The main Japanese islands appear safe from US invasion for some time as there are no US reinforcements forth coming and the fleet of troop transport ships slated to ferry all the US troops to Asia were sunk in a surprise raid by a lone Japanese submarine I J N-142.

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...after two additional turns, Moscow fell under a combined armor attack with heavy bombers. Japan took Manila with the huge US 7th Fleet giving chase and a large ANZAC navy closing in from the south. When Japan attempted to build some new naval units behind the US, a small squadron broke off north to sink the new Japanese destroyer and sub. The Japanese slipped past the 7th Fleet to destroy the US Cruiser, Destroyer, and seven US submarines w/o taking any losses. To prevent a US counter attack, the Japanese deployed a screening force south of Japan.

The main Japanese fleet then took Hawaii and the US decided to recapture Manila rather than give chase, opening the door for the Japanese to skirt around the US screening force and capture San Francisco and Mexico, utterly destroying the huge fleet of twenty Gato class submarines guarding the Pacific coast.

The ANZAC fleet made a failed attempt to sink the small Japanese fleet that retook Korea and Shanghai.

After taking Moscow, the German armored spearhead went south to Egypt. Germany was compelled to support a weak Italian army defending the Normandy coast. With growing German power, now concentrated solely toward the UK, and with no US land units left in the Pacific theater, the allied forces conceded.

Well played Arthur!

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The Allies did not concede. Kenji was playing to see how long he could last. The Axis won in the pacific theater with Japan having 6 victory cities for 1 round of play.
Also the Germans had to retake Normandy from a heroic underdog attack from British forces.

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Yep, I stand corrected... the Allies did NOT concede. The Axis won in the Pacific outright, which is surprising as the Allies for the first six turns or so, made 100% spend against the Japanese. After the fall of Moscow, we were all certain the Axis would win in Europe. If the Japanese did not win on the turn they did, they would have certainly won the next turn or the turn after that as they were going to recapture Manila (with re-capture by the Allies being impossible for at least three turns) and the Axis had a firm hold on Shanghai...

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