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Buying a Used P-Ball Gun - for Jurys

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1 Buying a Used P-Ball Gun - for Jurys on Fri Oct 21, 2016 4:51 pm

Art/ Joe,

If you want to buy a used P-Ball gun like what Kobe has, it is made by Airgun Designs. The main part is the "Advanced Integrated Regulator" or A-I-R valve. This silver cylindrical valve is the same for the following three models:


In it's prime, this was one of the primary competition, tournament grade paintball guns. Today, it is about three generations behind the state of the art. The Bud Orr AutoCocker was the other paintball gun of that time that was the then, state of the art. "Mags" were generally easier to work on and shot faster, but Cockers were more sturdy during play and most say that Cockers got a bit more range. I'm going to agree that Cockers got an additional ten to twenty feet of range.

There are a ton of aftermarket parts for both. There should be a ton of used ones on ebay and AMZN for sale. Angels and Shockers were two of the prime paintball guns that were in the generation of guns that came after "Mags" and "Cockers".

Your dad (Art) was interested in a single shot P-Ball Gun - well, the Sheridan Rifle was my very first p-ball gun.

Have fun doing research...

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