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King Komodo and Lady Monitor

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1 King Komodo and Lady Monitor on Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:13 pm

Deslocke, after he has returned to Corona Keep from the Golem's lair, will travel with the next merchant caravan to Dray. Deslocke will tell Espirit, Whey and Reptis where he is going. Once there, he will consult the vast libraries and learn what he can about the following topics:

a) The Dragonborn Race in the lands of Westron
b) The gods, Eo, Bahamut, and Tiamat in the lands of Westron
c) King Komodo and Lady Monitor
d) ...anything that he specifically found out during his trip to the Golem's lair

Let me know what I find out.

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2 Re: King Komodo and Lady Monitor on Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:17 pm

Teramotos wrote:
a) The Dragonborn Race in the lands of Westron
b) The gods, Eo, Bahamut, and Tiamat in the lands of Westron
c) King Komodo and Lady Monitor
d) ...anything that he specifically found out during his trip to the Golem's lair

Let me know what I find out.

A) Per page 34 of the PHB, they are a few, rootless & scattered groups of clans far removed from their glorious kingdoms of ages past. However, lately, and from accross the globe, most of them have been migrating to the region a few hundred miles south of Corona Keep. The first to arrive were either worshipers of Bahamut or Tiamat, but after that Dragonborns of all faiths have been feeling the call to migrate to the New Kingdom. Basically, only 2 Dragonborns (the PCs), ("possibly" because they are already so close), never felt the call to migrate to the New Kingdom.

B) From page 74 of the Monster Manual:
One story that is told about the creation of the universe concerns the dragon-god Io. The dragons, this legend says, were his particular creation, lovingly crafted to represent the pinnacle of mortal form. Though they were creatures of the world, the power of the Elemental Chaos flowed in their veins and spewed forth from their mouths in gouts of flame or waves of paralyzing cold. But they also possessed the keen minds and lofty spirits of the other mortal races, linking them to Io and the other gods of the Astral Sea. Io’s arrogance was his downfall. While the other gods banded together to combat the primordials, Io spurned the help of other gods. He was so confident in his own might that he faced a terrible primordial called Erek-Hus, the King of Terror, alone. With a rough-hewn axe of adamantine, the King of Terror split Io from head to tail, cleaving the dragon-god into two equal halves. Erek-Hus did not have the chance to celebrate his victory, however. No sooner did Io’s sundered corpse fall to the ground than each half rose up as a new god—Bahamut from the left and Tiamat from the right. Together the two gods fought and killed the King of Terror. The legend continues to explain that Io’s qualities were split between the two gods who rose from his death. His hubris, arrogance, and covetous nature were embodied in Tiamat, who is revered as a goddess of greed and envy. But Io’s desire to protect creation and his sense of fairness took root in Bahamut, now worshiped as god of justice, honor, and protection. The two dragon gods both shared one of Io’s worse qualities, however— his preference for working alone. After they defeated Erek-Hus, they locked in battle with each other, ignoring the pressing threat of the primordials. Only when Tiamat fled the battle did the two gods turn their attention back to the larger war, and each still preferred to work alone. Of course, in these more enlightened days, any paladin of Bahamut will tell you that “the Platinum Dragon” is an honorific title, not a literal description, and that Bahamut is no more a dragon than Moradin is a dwarf. These are gods, not mere monsters. Even so, many are the chromatic dragons that serve Tiamat, whose monstrous form is that of a colossal dragon with five heads—one head resembling each of the five main chromatic dragons.

You know some sort of agreement was made between Tiamat & Bahamut to restore the Dragonborns (grandchildren of B & T) to their previous glory, and Divine will is helping them to once again enjoy a Kingdom of their own.

C) Very high level Paladin & Cleric. Sweethearts since childhood and tales of very heroic adventures very far away. Both worshipers of Bahamut who they serve very loyally. Both aware that Tiamat 'probably' has an alterior motive beyond helping the Dragonborns establish a Kingdom of their own, but are honorbound by the truce to help the 'children of Tiamat' (Chromatic Dragons) as long as the truce is honored.
When construction on the new city & castle is complete, they are planning a HUGE cerimony & wedding. (...Hopefully it all goes well!... Brewing trouble may be afoot!) :-)

Note: ONLY King Komodo often calls Queen Monitor either 'Mona' or 'Tori', but many others call her either Queen Mona or Queen Tori.

D) I'll answer a lot of this when I post a recap, hopefully by this weekend...

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