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Castle Strahd

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1 Castle Strahd on Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:31 am

HO-LY SHIT!! We just met the Vampire global elite! There really is a Plasmanatti ruling the world... I thought the Slayers were batshit crazy when they said, "let's just cram in this hotwired car and then ram in the front door of Castle Strahd."...

It all started earlier that day when I was trying to evade my favorite homicide detective, who was hot on my trail for some Vamps I dusted (i.e. murders I'm wanted for "questioning" on). I thought to lose her by stowing away on any flight out of town when I saw the Slayers take down armed airport security as well as many armed police... using magic. They barely broke a sweat taking them down quickly & decisively, all displaying powerful magics and were as calm in a deadly firefight as college students playing Frisbee. One of them, it turns out, was completely new to the group, but was immediately taken in by the elite fraternity of magic wielding Slayers.

Two of them, Angelus & Ashe, climbed up the sheer 30' hangar wall to me after dropping all the cops, but I didn't trust them yet, so I teleported away (revealing I too possess unheard of magical abilities). That's when I found the Mayor's plane, and I could tell the Slayers did too, like that's where they were headed. Sure enough later, they attacked the Mayor who really does hire an all Vampire staff. The Mayor became overjoyed when Angelus bloodied him with a powerful blow, as he started a metamorphosis into a large, powerful looking Demon (& back to 'Human' again). After that, he started going on & on about "Yay! 100 days to ascension! Raise your hand if you're invulnerable..." They made quick time of his lawyer girlfriend of Wolfram & Hart (19hd Vamp!) but she escaped into her urn. We'll see her again in 30-60 days, I'm sure. After crushing the lawyer & the almost dozen other Vampire staff of his, the Slayers unleashed hell onto the invulnerable Mayor, (83 to 318 hits per round!) before deciding to simply steal his plane from him. <We later found out from Giles that the Mayor is only invulnerable until he ascends to a full Demon. I'm sure we'll meet him again...>

After watching how powerfully and eagerly they dusted every Vamp and spared every living cop & guard, plus how they enjoyed punishing the Mayor, I knew hitching a ride with them would be better than stowing away on any other plane, so I teleported over to the magical fraternity of Slayers. On the flight as Nekk & I were flying, the conversation over the several hours centered around Gravin, and "what birthmark do you have?", "when/how did you first discover magic?", etc. It's clear (if it wasn't before) that magic really does exist and the enemy is using it. The Mayor's plane made incredible time across the globe and did it without refueling all the way from LD to Germany...

When we landed in Germany, I thought I was going to teleport away & not see my new 'friends' for a while because of all the security was there to greet our plane, but then Ember opened a portal for everyone to secretly debark and we were able to avoid a battle upon arrival at the airport. That's when "ram the front door" became the plan at Castle Strahd. I immediately teleported to the roof & hid, knowing the plan was trouble when I overheard them talk about "we can't even take out the lone butler!" (13hd Vamp) as they tried to occupy the foyer.

That's when we learned of the Plasmanatti. 12 of the most powerful epic Vampire elders descended upon them. Worry turned to fear then a panicked retreat as they commendably lasted almost 4 rounds against the Plasmanatti elite , and 2 of them even escaped (sort of). The 2 Undead Slayers were then summoned before the Plasmanatti High Council to treaty, and they talked at length about things I couldn't hear. <more here later>

I finally caught up with Angelus & Blade after their meeting, letting them know I found the others alive, but not fairing well, as well as their stuff, and they were both all too happy to want to free the others & get out of there. The others were buck naked, shackled to a wall, inside a jail cell, and were guarded by a pair of monstrous Vampire Trolls (13hd elites) and a flying magical Beholder (16hd solo)!

Angelus stood toe to toe with the monstrous Undead, while Blade teleported from cell to cell freeing naked Slayers from their shackles with an ease that only someone on the fun side of law could do. (I also noticed a couple lewd glances as he freed Kenneday & Ember...) The Slayers, any of whom could easily have been Calvin Klein models, rained magic from shackles and cells, unhindered by lack of wear or items, (or movement) as powerful as ever with just with what they were born with. Giles must have been a great Watcher, as they knew exactly how to battle the hideous monstrosities, the likes of which I've never seen before. In the dungeon we also found a locked chest of gold & some powder that Ember was excited about, as well as 15 urns each with von Zarovich coven members' name on it. We lined them with c4 explosives (that one of them somehow had on them) to maybe detonate later should we tangle again.

After that battle, we looked to steal one of their cars, but decided to avoid another encounter and made it safely to Munich on foot before the Plasmanatti awoke from the trance of the ritual they were casting. I think I just met some very dangerous aquaintences...

-Lone Vengeance

Post Script: That night, after everyone is asleep in a Munich motel, Gravin awakes to find Lone Vengeance in his bedroom standing over him with a shadowy blade held to his throat. (whispering through a voice modulator in her costume's mask) "Shhh! Don't tell the others, but when I found you guys' stuff, I found some other things too..." With her non-sword hand she tosses a brooch (of vitality) & a pair of (Dwarfstride) boots on your bed. "I'm not sharing with the others what I stole from Castle Strahd, as they seem to have more magic than we do, so mums the word on where these came from, ok? We don't want them thinking I can't be trusted..." She then smiles, winks at you, then vanishes from sight.

PPS: I hope Stephen enjoyed playing with us! He seemed to fit in well with our group...

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