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WAR! - DM Comments - The Three In One Mission

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1 WAR! - DM Comments - The Three In One Mission on Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:38 pm

Even with quite a few of the regulars MIA, and two relative rookies, I though play went fairly fast with plenty of action. For those that went, what did you think?

If there was (extra) time, I did have an encounter for the team either on the boat trip there or the boat trip back if the party took the boat. Overland, the encounter was only the cart of gold in the road.

For the temple, if the party had tried the pipe, YES you would have had to fight while you were small. A pack of (ordinary) rats would have attacked the party (you guys looked bite size) while you were navigating an area where several pipes came together. Although the entire slimy water covered area was difficult terrain, the large monsters where pretty straight foward brutes with no magical abilities.

As it was, the little warm up battle with the Githanki was entertaining. Having Cedarick quickly cut down the enemy numbers really helped here (those were 14th level minions!). Hats off to Ibuki and Scott who really dished out the damage in this battle, each taking down a leader.

Regarding the actual temple battle, for being so spread out at the start, I thought the party actually pulled this off fairly well. Yes, it did take a while to figure out which skill was needed to take down the shield but you fought well enough to make it through.

In the mine, if the party had selected the potions, YES, you would have had to fight a couple of large, underground water snakes before arriving in the central chamber. As it was, falling into the chamber wasn't as bad as I imagined. By dumb luck, the two defenders each ended up holding off the enemy on one side. Your healer and casters were protected, Snape especially so this battle. I thought this was the party's best battle.

Lastly, for the Stockade, the tunnel approach would have had the party appearing in the wine cellar of the Stockade and there was a trap outside the door before the party would have been able to get to the well room. Although the monsters here were the easiest of the night, the party was also low on resources so it happened to work out okay.

Again, let me know your thoughts and how the newbies worked out.

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