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Nakagawa Challenge!

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1 Nakagawa Challenge! on Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:21 pm

Mr. Nakagawa,
Seeing how you didn't even beat my dad in a similar match, I Kobe, whole heartedly accept your challenge to a 2 min sparring match at Newport Hills Kim's TKD using the standard Kim's TKD grand championship tournament rules. Exceptions to the rules are as follows: The Head Official may be lower than a 3rd Degree Black Belt (e.g. it'll be a pretty new 1st Degree Black Belt, my dad). There will no corner judges unless suitable ones agreeable to both parties happen to be present. The challenger must wear a TKD belt so that scoring techniques may be correctly judged. The house will provide the challenger with a suitable belt.

If you are brave enough, I Kobe also counter challenges you to a 4 lap race on the PS3 Motor Storm Apocolype. You may even pick your car first.

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2 Re: Nakagawa Challenge! on Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:04 pm

Will Kobe be there on Fri? I actually have a TKD outfit somewhere I can bring (but mine's super cheap & thin) and come by early...

Re: the car race... Is it steer/accelerator/brake only, or turbos/bombs/ton of complicated buttons type racing? If it's the former, challenge on! (If it's the later, if it's pretty short, ok)

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