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WAR! - DM Comments - The Turncoat Within Mission

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I think the new table brings a lot of potential to the game as the other night showed. Starting off, the water insertion was best for this team. I can just see you guys trying to bluff/ talk your way past the land gate and having to fight the gate guards and the backup soldiers that are on standby (an EL 7 encounter that could turn into an EL 11 if the party has to fight the gate guards and soldiers on standby at the same time).

Although the HW store battle didn't make use of the new table's size, I liked this battle. It was EL 11 but was tougher as the party really missed having Kevin and Jeff's Defenders. Everyone was a (easy to hit) Controller or a mobile Striker or a lightly armored Leader (Cedarick). In such tight quarters, everyone had to fight and the team couldn't focus fire power, that's why not one monster went down for many, many, rounds. Alton was effective here due to the tight quarters and multiple enemies. Hayden was neutralized as there really wasn't anywhere to hide so he got beat up pretty bad. I was also rolling hot this encounter.

Good thing the party didn't let the scout get away, as that would have been another immediate EL 7 encounter (although I would have let everyone use 1 surge and gain 1 encounter power back). The next battle was similar to the first, lots of enemies in tight quarters with everyone having to fight. The street gang was an EL 10 matchup and again, it was difficult to concentrate fire to down one enemy at a time. Alton was effective in holding down the far end of the battlefield and the addition of Hunter here was significant as he proved effective, downing half the monsters, including the 200 hit point leader. This battle went pretty fast as the gang members were a lot easier to hit than the Pelor soldiers. Again, good to move off quickly before an EL 7 patrol comes by.

I liked the battle in the park, made good use of the dry erase feature of the table and much of the play area. I think Brad's dragon adventures will really gain a benefit from the enlarged play area. The dragon was EL 11, but I think he hit the wrong party. By this time, Alton's defenses are higher so he can serve as the defender and ALL the rest of the party has effective ranged attacks, just the thing that the dragon doesn't want to see in a party! I was also rolling really cold. Even though the dragon had the highest "to hit" of all the monsters at +16 or more, I couldn't hit a thing, unlike the first battle where I think my first 10 rolls were all over 14 on the d20. So, not surprisingly, the dragon only lasted a few rounds before diving into the lake.

I never imagined an EL10 trap would scare the party so much. Also, fyi, the Warforged were EL10 and there were quite a few different groups, not just the same group going back and forth. I think the party was getting a little low on surges by this time and could have handled a big battle, but probably just as well to solve the mission by not having to fight. I do like the straight up fighting adventures rather than the "stealth" missions, but I did have fun and look forward to the next adventure.

What did you all think? Comments, questions, feedback, smart remarks? Oh, did anyone guess in advance that Commander Turco was the "Turncoat" all along?

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