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Recap - 20110529 - WAR! The Fight's On but Nobody's Home Mission

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Recap - 20110529 - WAR! The Fight’s On but Nobody’s Home Mission

As a result of the last mission where SF Black rescued Cagvree (again), Kara is given command of SF Green, replacing Tabi who took over when Sora (the prior team leader) was KIA. Replacing Kara, are Chief Alton (Ken-Monk) and Chief James (Kobe-Wizard). Cedarick (Ross - Shaman) remains in command of SF Black and returning team members are; Hunter (Trevor – Shifter Ranger), Walster (Ibuki - Warden) and Hayden (Brad – Gnome Warlock). Kebru is recovering from injuries sustained in a raid on a Royalist supply ship.

The team draws equipment from the depot in Matteral and on the way to the docks, they pass a field with over a hundred Royalist prisoners. A platoon of Rebel light horsemen are on guard as a high priest of Pelor delivers a speech; “Men, this has been a long war, a tough war, and you have fought bravely and courageously for our cause. You are a special group, you have found in one another a unique bond, born only in combat. We have known each other in dire moments, seen death, and suffered together. I am proud to have served with each of you. Live long and peaceful lives and reflect on what has past and what will be.”

From the last mission, the Rebels became aware that a black dragon may be assisting the Royalists. Intelligence reports have confirmed the possible location of the dragon’s lair. Other rebel teams will arrange for the dragon to be occupied so that SF Black can investigate the possible location, confirm if the lair is there, what are the lair’s special defenses (if any), and what the dragon’s motivations might be. The team is to attempt to not make it known that the Rebels know where the lair is, or that they have been to the lair.

After receiving the current challenge and passwords, Dankel, first mate of the Silhouette, leads the party to the ship. Running the Royalist blockade goes without incident and SF Black makes a night insertion deep behind enemy lines. Following the foot of the Starspire mountains, SFB locates their resupply point, a ruined temple of Bane. Upon opening the supply cache, the team is assaulted by Holy Angles of Pelor. Hunter and Alton immediately move away from their attackers, unintentionally leaving Cedarick battling three by himself and in two rounds the party’s healer is down. Walster draws a couple of them off, and a combination of Jame’s spells and Hunter’s arrows downs the other, allowing Hayden to sneak in and revive Cedarick. Walster and James seem to fight especially well while in the temple with Walster’s hammer hitting harder and Jame’s spells yielding more power. After a costly battle of attrition, all of the Angles are dust and the supplies, including a magical guide globe, are recovered.

Following the guide globe through the marsh, the team is suddenly set upon by a band of fire dwarf bounty hunters. The leader tells SF Black to hand Hayden the gnome over them as he is a fugitive from the law. Just as Hayden remarks that they couldn’t be the people he escaped from because they aren’t giants, two of the dwarves turn into giants! Worse still, two of the others are dwarven Holy Avengers of Bane and Hayden finds himself as their Oath enemy. As the second giant moves past James, he stabs him and wounds him seriously. Two dwarf crossbowmen hang back and issue commands to the others to attack Hayden and the leader bounty hunter meets Walster head on. While battling Walster, several of the bounty hunters call Walster their “brother” and “fellowship friend”. Although the first Avenger is downed quickly, Hayden, is flustered and has trouble hiding and it is not long before the little gnome is beaten down under a swarm of enemies. Now it is Cedarick’s turn to heal the gnome as Alton and Walster attempt to draw the attackers off despite Hayden’s insistence on running as far around the perimeter of the battle as he can. Alton downs one crossbowman with a reverse roundhouse kick and Hunter’s arrows down one of the giants. James wisely concentrates on using lighting based spells instead of fire based spells and it’s not long before all the bounty hunters are downed.

After a short rest, the team moves on and is ambushed by a trio or large Basilisks! Walster and Alton pin the initial one on place but a second attacks Hunter and James from the flank. As Hunter maneuvers and James turns invisible, Cedarick climbs up a tree only to be repeatedly poisoned (Poison Basilisks). The largest Basilisk chases Hayden and Hunter around the marsh, allowing Alton to down the first one. A few well placed missiles combined with a few blows from Walster’s hammer downs the second and Hunter’s arrows down the largest one, a stone turner. After a quick breather to allow the poison to wear off, the group continues on.

Alton, on point, spots a barge unloading supplies to a Royalist infantry platoon. Cedarick wisely decides to let the infantry leave and after watching an exchange of money, Hayden decides to attempt to infiltrate the barge by himself. With the aid of Cedarick’s magic fish, the gnome makes it to the barge without being spotted, but when he attempts to snatch one of the money coffers, he is spotted and barely manages to dive overboard with a portion of the loot. Not knowing the gnome was by himself, the barge crew secures the remainder of the payment and quickly moves on.

The party comes across a battle site with a half dozen dead House of Sword soldiers and 3 dead Reptilemen. A group of human footprints heads off in the direction of the dragon’s lair, followed by about 40 Reptilemen and three Basilisks. The party wisely decides to follow a parallel course with Hunter covering the party’s tracks. The group notices that two of the humans proceeded to the dragon’s lair while the rest of the humans diverted SE with the reptilemen giving chase. Not long thereafter, the main human party rejoins the pair but with no reptilemen in immediate pursuit.

Arriving at the dragon’s lair, SF Black notes Lo-Kag of Bane and Falzool, High Merchant of the House of Swords, are already there with their guards. SF Black allows them to leave and although they attempt to hide their tracks, the team creates new tracks, clearly indicating which direction the Paladin and Merchant went. Investigating the lair, the team takes down a few Reptilemen guards, capturing one. Knowing that there could be up to 40 angry reptilemen arriving, the team leaves and sure enough, the team watches from a distance as the reptilemen move off in the direction of the Paladin and his squad.

Moving back toward friendly lines, the team meets a skirmishing unit of four Pelor archers and four Royalist knights. Alton manages to unleash his reserve power and downs two of the archers, one of the knights and forces the last archer to surrender. Walster and Cedarick each down a knight and the last knight escapes. With the enemy skirmishers on the run, the team passes safely back into rebel lines.

Cedarick is promoted to Master Chief, Walster is promoted to Battle Chief, and Alton is promoted to Section Chief. Cedarick and Hayden are both awarded “Wound Badges” (kind of like a purple heart). Walster, Cedarick and Hayden are also awarded Campaign Ribbons (time in the field related to a specific unit).

More to follow at Commander Turco’s debriefing session…

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I was already a Master Chief.

Morbius Von Kas - Vryloka/Blackguard [4e-Rainbow Warriors Campaign]
Man'Tis Man'Todea - Thri-Kreen/Berserker [4e-Slave Lords Campaign]
Danilo Rand - Monk/Human [5e-Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign]
Nathan Grey - Ardent (4e-Terran One Campaign)
Walt Dixon - Bladesinger (4e-Terran One Campaign)
Battlefield 4 Soldier: Saturnicus
Diablo III Battletag: Saturnus#1572
XBox GamerTag: Drizityn

Kazoo the Kender: "Hmm, I'll take....the Wand of Wonder." The rest of the party regretted giving Kazoo the first treasure pick.
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Sorry, my bad. Cedarick is not promoted to Master Chief, he is given a Silver Service Bar (for Valorous Leadership) instead.

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