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WAR! The Dragon's Lair Mission

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1 WAR! The Dragon's Lair Mission on Wed May 25, 2011 4:21 pm

Commander Turco - SF Black shall draw equipment from SC Incyrus as usual, then, selecting one of three paths through enemy lines, SF Black shall proceed to the area one quarter mile upstream from Renegade Marsh the where you first met Hephestus the Fire Giantess.

The three paths are: 1) As rains have been heavy lately, you can meet a secure contact at the bridge over Badger Creek and take a pair of punts upstream and then through the marsh to your destination. This may be the fastest route, but you will also be the most exposed. If you choose this path, you may elect to travel at night.

2) You can travel overland, folliwng generally the same path as you did on your prior mission. Although Cagvree will not be with you this time, many of SF Black have been over this ground. If you choose this path, you will almost certainly not get lost, however, our enemies know our forces have used this path several time previously and this path will quite likely be actively guarded, or trapped or both.

3) The final choice is that Captain Pike and the Silloette will drop off your team well west of destination, far behind enemy lines. SF Black will then head northeast to the target destination. If you choose this route, you will be traveling over unfamiliar ground but since you will be so far behind enemy lines, there shouldn't be many, if any, enemy patrols until you near the front lines upon your return trip to base.

Once at the target destination, you are to search the area for the lair of the Black Dragon you observed during your last mission. We have reasonable leads and reports that the dragon's lair is definately in this area. Also, about the time you arrive at the target destination, we have made arrangements for the dragon to be "occupied" so there shouldn't be any chance of you running into the dragon, well, at least for half a day or so after you arrive. You are to confirm the lair's exact location to enable an elimination mission at a later time by a "Strike Team". So that the dragon isn't alerted to the fact that we know the lair's location, you are to leave no trace of your presence there; that includes taking any items from the lair. You are to note any unusual traps or defences and gather any intelligence you can regarding why the dragon is allied with the Royalists.

Any questions?

Advance you PC's to 8th and update your wish lists please!

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