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Recap - 20110325 - Slave Ship - Dawn of the Dead Voyage

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Place holder - someone other than me needs to write the recap this time.

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I was wondering what my honey was thinking when he announced where we were going. An underground planet? How many adoring fans are going to see me there? He must have had some money or politics or other boy reason for taking us there. Oh well, as long as I get some nicer things afterwards, I thought...

As our ship arrived at the planet, what looked like large vegetation at first were tentacles and 3 of them shot out at the ship, one going straight through the hull! Our Capt yelled out commands to all of us gladiators to protect the deck while he & the 1st mate took care of the hull. Good thing my skins can come and go instantaneously, as I came out the captain's cabin door to find Treena, Chiana, and my boys fighting some disgusting looking Humanoids. I refused to shapeshift into one. (I mean, it'd have to be for an Oscar role or something...)

Treena teleported up the mast, and with my cool new armbands, I was magically able to shimmy up the mast getting away from the smelly things, and sing tunes of inspiration to my boys to give them extra swings, and to beguile everyone to move when I can. There were a lot of them, more than I remember us defeating, and we could all hear those in the hull fighting many more. Their foul oder weakening Chiana & the boys, it was a long & grueling battle, but with my songs we prevailed... all with no one to see!

Just in time too, since right before, being up in the mast, I spotted several dozen winged creatures flying in, and several more dozen of the vile Ghouls coming in with a second wave. Fortuately, the winged creatures were Angels, and I had a race I could immitate. I immediately assumed a hottie Angel form. Oh, and it was also really fortunate because they swooped in and decidedly defeated the incoming Ghouls for us.

We then found our beloved Captain was gone! In fact, so was everyone else that was in the hull fighting... One of the Angels we met was also looking for friends, and joined us in an audienceless quest to find my honey & everyone else.

Just before we found the chamber where they had everyone cucooned, wouldn't you know it, the leader Ghoul has a boner for me and starts chasing and clawing after me all about the area! Fortunately my boys are more gentlemanly than that and quickly went to work teaching them some manners, and of course Chiana can take care of herself.

I was wondering where my Angel went, cut off from the rest of us, when it came clear he found the chamber with the rest... he freed Archie and led him to us while he searched for his friends. Archie, being one of my boys, put up too much of a fight and they gave up dragging him all the way to the feeding chamber, figuring to come back for him later when the tranquilizing cuccoon had more time to effect...

Archie & I had our hands full keeping everyone healed and helping out in the fighting, as their foul stenches made it nauseating to fight. I took a long, long bath when I got back to the ship. For once, I'm glad there was a battle where no fans were watching. If I'm going to mud wrestle, it has to be clean and not smelly, then the gooeyer the better... as it was, the slime & stench of this battle, no thanks!

We did find lots of shiney residuum, and I'm still deciding on what to spend my cut on, but as for taking us here, he's lucky he got some before hand (err, right beforehand actually) because I am not happy about it...

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How much did each PC get and do we level up to 12th?

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Dwarmaj wrote:How much did each PC get and do we level up to 12th?

20k worth of residuum each and yes, 12th next time.

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