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Meet the new girl... Ashe, Aura, Blade, Telgarth

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Standard action: Aura will take one last longbow shot at the rooftop fleeing vamp as a parting gift.

Krystoff wrote:"Those were some neat tricks you did there. I especially like the one where you healed my wounds! So what caused you to be chased by the bloodsuckers anyways?"
"You all have some impressive tricks of your own. I'm glad you didn't take my original advice and scram. Do you guys make a habit of picking fights with vampires? As for how I managed to piss them off, I was checking on something when I apparently wandered into their lair...," Aura nods at the building she and the vamps emerged from and then looks a bit embarrassed, "...where they ambushed me."

Before going with the group to find out more about them, Aura will go back inside the building and look for any clues as to what Ms. Post was doing there now that she can do so without being interrupted by vampires.

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Aura's parting shot hit squarely in the back, but doesn't bloody her or stop her from fleeing.

All of you have slain many minion Vamps by now, but this is the 2nd time the Slayers have faced a 'boss' Vamps. Ms Post lied to Aura that all Vamps are minions, i.e. not really Aura's fault, but Giles tells you all stories of Vampires of incredible powers (much tougher than the bosses you just beat).

Inside Ms Post's house, you find bear spirit armor and steal her laptop. While everyone else's families were attacked by clan Mui, Aura & Telgarth recognize the Vampire glyphs about as belonging to the clan that attacked yours. You find nothing else of unusual note.

Ashe & Ember (once you all regroup) help you hack into the laptop and you find out that Gwendolyn Post is now not only working with the same Vamps that killed Aura's family, but Ms Post used her position in CPS to find Aura and ordered the attack on her family. You also find out that Ms Post (is a Human who) works for clan Aralius, and that clan Aralius & clan Mui are planning on teaming up for a joint ritual on the 'Eve of St Vigeus'.

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When is 'Eve of St Vigeus'

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Mick wrote:When is 'Eve of St Vigeus'

Your Watcher, Giles, is researching this. He hasn't heard of it, but your Slayer instincts tell you it's probably pretty soon but not tomorrow...

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