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Recap - 20110312 - WAR! The Hide and Seek Mission

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Recap - 20110312 - WAR! The Hide and Seek Mission

After stopping the assassination attempt on the Mayor of Matteral and bringing in a very valuable defecting Fire Giant Blacksmith, Strikeforce Black receives orders to provide security to a rebel scout and interdict Royalist rear echelon movements. Cedarick (Ross - Shaman) who recovered from his serious chest wound, Hunter (Trevor – Shifter Ranger), Kara (Ken - Pal/Sor), Kebru (Kevin - Fighter), Walster (Ibuki - Warden) and Hayden (Brad – Gnome Warlock) form up.

The team arrives in Matteral, draws equipment, and makes the link up with Cagvree the Rebel Scout. After receiving the current challenge and passwords, Cagvree advises SF Black that there are two possible routes through enemy lines; the same path near the creek that they used last time or crawling along a dry creek bed between two Royalist Strong Points. After wisely assessing that the former would have the high likely hood of meeting the small patrol and the later would have a small chance of meeting a large patrol, SF Black decides on the creek.

Near a bend in the stream, Cagvree and Hunter who are on point, are fired upon by four Royalist archers. They returns fire and make for the cover of a nearby crest of a ridge only to discover more Royalists immediately behind the crest. Hayden advances to the base of the ridge, avoiding the crossfire of the trio of additional Royalists positioned behind the creek’s bend to SF Black’s rear. Kara is seriously wounded in the initial volley, taking several arrows. She retreats toward Cedarik as does Cagvree, for first aid. After exchanging blows with an advancing spearman, Kebru advances up the ridge to engage the enemy leader and bodyguard, allowing Hunter to disengage. In the middle, Walster engages a Heavy Royalist Swordsman, hitting him several times until the now unengaged Hunter downs the swordsman with an arrow. Hunter then downs the Spearman who is advancing on Cedarick and the Spearman threatening Kara. Leaving his Heavy Swordsman guard to duel the elven fighter, the enemy Battle Brother (Rayban) charges Walster. Hayden, Kara, and Cedarick exchange ranged attacks with the six Royalist archers. After exchanging several telling blows, Walster is moving in for the kill when Hunter puts an arrow through the enemy leader’s helmet. The remaining archers attempt to flee only to be shot down by SF Blacks spells and arrows. Hunter notes quietly that of the five toughest enemies, he downed four of them as well as two of the six archers.

SF Black reaches the Point of Departure and Cagvree continues on to the bridge to set up his OP. SF Black continues west to interdict the main highway. On the way to the highway, SF Black approaches a ridge and five Royalist light footmen spot the team. Hunter makes for cover and Hayden charges forward to close the range. As the enemy skirmishers flank, the Royalist Mounted Knights charge over the crest, followed by a few men at arms and Battle Brother Newsun (leader). Hayden is immediately in trouble, with a Knight, a Man at Arms, and Newsun all closing in. Cedarick wisely seeks cover in a stand of trees after he watches Walster get lanced and Hunter nearly get trampled by a charging warhorse. A swirling battle erupts as the six team members fight a running battle of maneuver against the 14 Royalists. With 10 of the 14 Royalists either mounted, or in very light armor (spearmen), the battle becomes a chaotic melee with opponents on both sides striking, disengaging, charging, and re-engaging, switching from sword to bow (or spell) and back. After many minutes, few of the Royalists are down, but nearly all of them are wounded. Cedarick begins to redirect his team and one by one, the Royalists start falling. Cedarick downs BB Newsun, one of the Knights, and two of the spearmen. Kebru downs two additional spearmen and a Knight. Hunter’s arrows finish off the last two Knights and a spearman. Kara downs three of the men at arms and a spearman. Several Royalists attempt to mount available horses to flee, but none escaped. Even Hayden mounts a free horse to chase down the last Royalist Man at Arms.

After a short rest, SF Black continues on and reaches the highway near a bog. Cedarick, earning his rank yet again, moves the team away from the bog toward an ideal ambush location near a low ridge that provides a near ideal kill zone.

Two small and one large enemy patrol pass by. A forth patrol approaches and SF Black attacks with a fury. In the first strike SF Black takes down more than half of the enemy with Kara downing enemy men at arms in droves. Kara takes a serious wound from the enemy leader as does Cederick. Walster and Kebru advance and engage the enemy leaders while the remainder of SF Black engages the remaining men at arms and the lone NCO. Walster’s hammer arm begins to lose strength but a blast of arcane power from Hayden finishes off the enemy leader while after a lengthy duel, Kebru runs the enemy Section Brother (2nd in command) through (like 30 hits in one blow!).

After clearing the field, SF Black is about to move out when they spy an additional group moving along the road. It turns out to be Lo-Kag of Bane, his scout, two Ettins, and a squad of medium footmen. SF Black chooses not to reveal their presence and lets them pass. Returning to the rally point, SF Black discovers Cagvree is absence and seeks him out by moving upstream to the bridge. On the way they discover a crate and upon investigating, set off a glyph and recover an amulet of the Raven Queen. Once at the bridge, they see Cagvree is a prisoner, guarded by a squad of Royalists. To complicate matters, the squad leader is chatting with a large Black Dragon! After waiting a few minutes, a team of Royalist Knights arrive on the scene. After a time, the dragon flies off, followed soon thereafter by the Knights, leaving only the squad of footmen and Cagvree. In a brilliant maneuver, SF Black has Hayden use his magic to switch places with Cagvree. Hunter then immediately helps Cagvree to hide and get out of sight. At the same instance Hayden teleports away and Cedarik’s spirit companion cat appears where the gnome just was, presenting the illusion that Cagvree first turned into a Gnome and then turned into a cat. The Royalists are fooled and SF Black wisely beats a hasty (and stealthy) retreat back to friendly lines!

For their heroics under extremely hazardous conditions, Cedarick is promoted to Battle Chief, Kara is promoted to Chief, Hayden is given a citation for exceptional bravery, and Hunter is awarded the coveted medal of The Slayer. Yet another mission accomplished and job well done.

Note, more info to follow, but that’s all I have time for right now.

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