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Woundstitch powder...

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1 Woundstitch powder... on Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:07 am

Since we're light on leaders at the moment this looks like a cool item.

How many uses do you get? It's not listed as a consumable and most wonderous items don't have a limit on the number of uses.

Also, could someone apply this to themselves? It does say adjacent ally, but normally a dying person is also unconcious. If you were dying and could remain conscious (revenant... Rolling Eyes), could you sprinkle some of this on yourself?

Woundstitch Powder
Level 1 Uncommon
This worn leather pouch contains a quantity of life-saving yellow powder.

Price: 360 gp
Wondrous Item

Power (At-Will): Standard Action. You sprinkle this dust on an adjacent dying creature. That creature stops making death saving throws until it takes damage, and any untyped ongoing damage on the creature ends.

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2 Re: Woundstitch powder... on Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:06 pm

First question: How many uses do you get? I'd say that for all practical purposes in the typical game, you'd get unlimited uses. In the entire BoM series, I don't recall more than once or twice an adventure (at the very most) where a PC was dying. In WAR! my impression is that the encounters are a bit deadlier, with four PC's making death saves during the last adventure alone but still, in many cases the round a PC goes down, if there is a Leader in the party, the next turn the Leader gets, the dying PC will be healed. So half the time, the dying PC won't even have to make a death save. If we're talking about series where you have just a ton of allied NPC's (civilian non-combatants) on the board and they could be dying, well, then I'd limit the use of the powder to something like 10 uses.

Second question: If you are dying (e.g. you are below zero hits and have to make a death save each round) but you have some sort of ability that allows you to continue taking actions, sure, I'd say it would be just fine for you to sprinkle this stuff on yourself.

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