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Aftermath, WAR! The Hammer and Cross Mission - Bane's Champion

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Commander Turco asks to see you in his quarters. There, he talks to you about how, Bane helped guide several young officers he knew well, long ago, on the path to glory. He has heard about you being blessed by Bane and Turco asks you if you are interested in knowing more about the god and how his teachings of warfare could benefit you. Turco says that he knows some people that he could guide you to, just let him know.

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Walster, do you have an answer for Commander Turco?

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Walster is very interested in the offer of Commander Turco. Having already being introduced to a follower of Bane and defeating him in battle, the Sandwalker wants more information.

PS. I speak to Commander Turco and Section Chief Incyrus about acquiring lower level items - specifically Boots of Adept Charging and a Horned Helm.

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Commander Turco commends you and introduces you to his friend, Commander Marschell deLane, a short but powerfully built warrior. C Turco speaks to Cedarick and you receive six weeks of leave from your regular duties with SF Black. Cagvree takes your place while you are absence. During this time, Walster, Marschell deLane retrains you in your approach to combat, making your moves smaller, faster and more focused, delivering more damage than previously. deLane also instructs you in techniques that are especially useful against singular large humanoid opponents. At the conclusion of the training, your feet feel grounded to the earth and your arms are like flexible steel bands. You feel like a new warrior.

Marschell deLane commends you on completing the training and the in house Fire Giant armorer crafts a Horned Helm for you in recognition of your achievement. Strangly, one of the horns of the helm is broken off at the tip and when asked the armorer says "...crafted in this manner to honor the first warrior who wore this helm. May his notched axe cleave strong and may his cup never run dry."

Jeff, you may institute the changes we discussed.

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