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The Dating Game, Drakenbeast Version - The Dragon Wars, Comments and Chatter

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I got around to posting a recap (what I could remember) from Brad's last adventure. If any of you have comments as a player for the adventure, post them here.

So how many of you think we could have taken two Dracoliches?

Anyone think Nevin would have been killed in the very first battle?

Anyone really surprised that the Strikers did well in the first battle, the defenders were slower than the Strikers but still effective, and the Leaders struggled the most? Yeah, I think Deslocke got lucky...

Anyone else have any thoughts of the DM adding some one on one type battles to the adventure? I thought is was kinda cool, supporting the storyline and all but can imagine how some of these type of encounters could go astray.

How did those snakes sneak up on us?!!

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I highly doubt Nevin would have been killed in the first battle with the mount. It just would have taken forever and he might have needed to blow some of his bigger encounter long healing effects. One of the things that would have helped him is the clarification that zones and ongoing effects don't cause pacifist healer to trigger.

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