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Recap - 20110114 - The Dragon Wars! The Dating Game - Drakenbeast Version

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Recap - 20110114 – The Dragon Wars! The Dating Game – Drakenbeast Version

Freeza (Ken - Dragonborn Sorcerer), Shedar (Ross - Halfelf Warlock), Reptis (Trevor - Dragonborn Warlord), Rainin (Mick - Deva Avenger), Willas (Kevin - Human Warlock), Nekk (Kobe - Human Fighter), Gauthak (Ibuki - Goliath Fighter) and myself Deslocke (Stuart – Elf Cleric/Ranger), noted that our steeds were acting strangely. After a bit of discussion with the Queen, it was realized that it was time for our (some very young) Drakenbeasts to find a mate. Now, they couldn’t mate with each other, we had to locate a dragon for them to mate with. After careful review of our options, we decided the a certain draco-lich would be the most suitable. I did voice my concerns at the time, unsure that an undead would be capable of contributing to the bearing of young, but we were assured that via a powerful ritual, the unions would be fruitful.

Before we could fly off, we had to subdue our own steeds in some sort of ritual that would prove our dominance and worthiness to be their riders. Each of us had to duel our own steed alone, without aid. Such a epic scene it was, eight heroes, each on a mountain top above the clouds, battling a large dragon like creature, mano a mano! If I recall, Freeza was the first to succeed in proving dominance, the battle taking not more than a few seconds. I can’t recall who was next, but it may have been Shedar. Nekk took the slow and steady approach, trying to make sure he hit, but trading power off for added precision. Reptis seemed a little pressed, so I subversively interceded and blocked one of his steeds attacks. Reptis eventually knocked his mount over the cliff and as it flew back up, he got his second wind and was ready to finish the fight. Eventually we all proved our worth, rested a few minutes so our mounts could recover, the Queen also healed them a bit and we were on our way.

Nearing the site, we were surprised by a large number of flying snakes coming out of the clouds. They tried to knock us off our mounts but only managed to target the people who had feather fall or fly rings. I don’t know how they could have surprised us, as we were trying to fly low but in moving down slope, we inexplicably gained several hundred feet of altitude as we suddenly came upon a deep valley with low overhanging clouds. A swirling dog fight erupted and after a bit, all the snakes were blasted from the sky. Willas’ blasts of magic seemed far greater compared to our recent battles against the orcs, the grimlocks and the mind flayer. Perhaps the girl Willas met on our last adventure taught him how to raise his power.

As we neared the draco-lich’s cave, we scattered his orc minions. Although a fearsome opponent, breathing sleep gas and all, we all fought to the upmost. Just as the dragon took off, I grounded it with a precise shot to the wing. As it tried to get up, I dazed it with a blast of divine power. That held the beast in place long enough for many of the rest of the party to rush in and get breathed on. Unfortunately, the only other healer in the group, Reptis, fell to the first breath. Of course I rushed over to revive him, but took a fairly good wound in return. After much hacking, slashing and blasting, we finally subdued the beast and were able to start the ritual. Alas, in spite of our careful planning, we only then realized that the undead monster was male and we had only one of eight Drakenbeasts in our group that was female! As we would say in the forest – “EPIC FAIL!”. Well Rainin was pleased that his Drakenbeast was satisfied (by being impregnated by an undead dragon?) but the rest of us will have to continue the search for suitable dragons with which to complete the required ritual. Freeza and Reptis continued to build their reputations to support their political agendas, and Rainin may have some little Drakenbeasts in his future. The rest of us, well, I guess we have to continue down the forest path to see where it leads…


View user profile, I know I forgot a lot of details, feel free to add comments from your PC's point of view.

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Great recap. I loved the part about Willas being inspired to greatness from his girlfriend (i.e. reworked his PC).

And the party was coming from a high rocky outcropping, far above the cloud line on a mountain range. As you approached the cloud level hugging the side of the mountain cliff, you flew over their high mountain lair and they attacked you. You are going very fast through very limited vision, they would get pretty close.

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Actually Shedar subdued his mount first.

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