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Buffy-verse House Rules

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26 Giles' Watcher training on Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:58 pm

From your Watcher training with Giles, all the Slayers have the following memorized:

1-2 century undead Vampire ('Speds')
Init: +10 Darkvision
HP:88 regen 5 (not in sunlight or after radiant)
AC:22 Fort:21 Ref: 20 Will: 18
Speed: 7, climb 4
Immune: disease, poison (most, some specials still affect)
Resist: Necrotic 5
Vulnerabilities: sunlight/radiant 5 +suppress regeneration
Claw: MBA, at-will +13 v AC, 2d6+5 damage
Blood Drain: standard, recharges if adj to bloodied living, +11 v Fort 2d8 +6 +weakened (save ends), Vampire regains 24 hits
Rending Pounce: standard, at-will, shift 7 +claw attack anytime before, after, during shift
flurry: 8 hits 1x/rnd with hit
Alignment: always evil (with very rare exceptions)
typical stats: Str20 Con16 Dex20 Int10 Wis12 Cha14 (much higher for females)

+racial abilities as living, all knowledge from former life.

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