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17th level Dragonborn adventure

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1 17th level Dragonborn adventure on Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:52 am

I'm free this weekend, next, or any time to run it... When can everybody play?

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2 Re: 17th level Dragonborn adventure on Fri Nov 12, 2010 7:26 pm

Okay, daytime Sats is no good for a while, but who's free either Fri 19th evening or Sat 20th evening, or anytime Sunday day?

Was it Nekk and Nevin that had the Drakkensteed eggs? Was it only 2? They mature into adults on the next adventure. Where before they were very tame & loved riding and flying, suddenly they start fearsome roaring and clawing at everyone who comes near, especially it's primary caretaker (the PCs)...

Who else has a Drakkensteed? (Anyone NOT have either a steed or egg?) Hearing the roars of the young Drakkensteeds, your mounts become very jittery, happy, and excited. 5 minutes to dusk your Drakkensteed crouches it's head low, bidding you to climb on for a ride. You get on and your steed immediately flies toward the roaring of the younglings coming of age, roaring themselves when they reach a good height along the way...

The steeds gather in the courtyard of the Palace, roaring and clawing at anyone who comes near. Queen Monatore (high nature checks) knows what's going on. The Drakkensteeds are in heat. These few steeds are all that's left of a dying breed of beast, summoned here by the same calling of 'Sukenra' that called to the Dragonborns.

<'Sukenra' is the divine calling to migrate felt by all Dragonborns, 1 ancient Dragon of every color, and as a side effect, was felt by many others of Draconic origins or nature. Sukenra was started by divine ritual between both Tiamat and Bahamut, and ended on the Dragonborn Kingdom's opening ceremony, when the PCs altered powerful magic rituals.>

Drakkensteeds are born to be mounts for fierce champions, and are now instinctively gathering for the bonding ritual with it's chosen rider. The King & Queen summon Diabolique (the only other member of the Royal Guard that isn't a PC, also the Changling assasin that the party met at 10th & 11th, she advanced from 12th solo to 14th solo).

Queen Monatore looks genuinely excited about the Drakkensteeds and their riders. She turns to Diabolique and says, "I need to not be gone for the next few days..." Diabolique smiles, then morphs into a perfect likeness of the Queen, holding her hands out for the crown (& smiling bigger). King Komodo says, "I'm coming too" and smiles and tosses Diabolique his crown also. King Komodo then turns directly to the Changling & says, "No new laws until AFTER I get back!".

Queen Monatore turns to the PCs, & tells you to climb on your mounts & hang on. They'll take you to a peak. There they'll start the bonding ritual between them & their rider. A bonded steed is as in tune with their rider as Lone Ranger & Trigger, and will buck another rider when commanded, flank & attack for it's rider, etc... as long as their rider helps them mate with a Dragon regularly and passed the bonding ritual. A rider that fails the bonding ritual will forever after not be accepted as it's rider (passenger is okay still, but uncomfortably so).

The Queen leaps into the strong arms of the King, who stretches his wings and then begins flying off in the direction of the highest mountain peak in the area. Your mounts all begin to settle down, lowers their heads very low bidding you to ride, then begins flying off towards the same peak...

(the next adventure starts after this...)

Note: A really high Nature check reveals that Drakkensteeds can mate with any subdued Dragon, offspring becoming steeds with Dragon abilities. The more powerful the Dragon, the more powerful the Drakkensteed offspring... <this is directly as per the book>

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3 Re: 17th level Dragonborn adventure on Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:41 pm

Looks like we are off to subdue some dragons to seed our mounts.

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