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What if PC's Had 20's in Every Stat?

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51 Re: What if PC's Had 20's in Every Stat? on Tue Oct 26, 2010 3:56 pm

Dwarmaj wrote:4.0 is suppose to be about balance...

D&D at it's core is about fun, and all printed rules are flexible to this end.

Mick wrote:I think something in the middle would work.
Instead of 32 pts to play with make it 45.

So just max out the primary & 2ndary stats, but only leave the tertiary stats 'normal'? I don't like that because those 2 are the primary ones that min/max a PC, and the others are the lesser used stats where it'd be stand-out unusual to have high. In other words, there's nothing 'superhero-y' about that like Buffy's strength & reflexes. Every build will have those 2 stats (close to) as high as possible, so there's nothing to make them freakishly stand out.

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52 Re: What if PC's Had 20's in Every Stat? on Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:17 pm

Another thought...

How high will the Dragon campaign go?

If it stops at 20, can you have the new campaign go 1, 11, 21 instead of 1, 6, 11?

Starting at epic will create some pretty "super" characters even with normal stats. Especially if most civilians are heroic or at most paragon.

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