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Zeitgeist - On Religion, War, Politics and the current Financial Crisis

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I do not agree with all of the ideas herein, but I find the analysis, both as a military historian, economist, and professional aerospace employee, facinating.
Questioning the institutions that make up our society, is actually basic to our society. These are long, and the first few minutes of each are hard to get through, but after that, the concepts they discuss are eye opening.

I especially find the discussion on religion interesting as a Buddhist, as Buddhism is more a set of teachings, not fitting the mold of religion as discussed in the two internet movies. I've heard many people say Buddhism is the religion of choice for today's technocrates as you can then appear "spiritual" and not have to do "anything".

I also found the segment on False Flag exercises credible. I am convinced that the US Government in WW II did everything they could to get the Japanese to commit the first strike so that the US could then join the war.


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I watched part of the first movie but I found the part about Jesus being a sun deity in the same vein as all the rest very interesting. I have been wanting to watch the rest of the movies as well but haven't yet made the time.

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I enjoyed the information it gave, but didn't really like how it takes so long to get going. Guess they wanted it to be a longer film.

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Kevin, this is the movie Brad and I mentioned when we were hanging out after the seminar.

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