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Engineering Assistance - Brad's Stick Dancing

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1 Engineering Assistance - Brad's Stick Dancing on Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:01 am

Guy at my church was cleaning out his parent's house and found a bunch of martial arts weapons. He knew I did some sort of martial art so he brought them to church and gave them all to me. In the bag were two beautiful polished oak 30" fighting sticks with 7" stainless steel ends. The steel ends are NOT the striking surface, but the grips. When you hold the stick right where the metal meets the wood, the sticks are perfectly balanced and spin (very) fast; much faster than a non-weighted stick.
For Brad's padded PVC fighting sticks, what would be the best way to cheaply add a lot of weight to the handle end of the stick? I have some ideas, but want to hear if anyone else has a good approach.

Even Kobe said, hey dad, these are a lot faster; can I have one? Yeah, Kobe got one and I'll keep the other. Kobe also scored a real 50" beautiful solid oak 1/4 staff to go along with the 50" padded 1/4 staff he got for Christmas.

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I am assuming that the PVC is hollow and that you have an end cap or can make one. The trouble I foresee with any material used is going to be the tendency to slide down the length of the tube. Something to stop that will be extremely helpful

Modeling clay / Putty- Mold the clay outside the end of the tube and make a lip so it won't slide through. Would need to fire the clay once it is created and or harden it somehow if it is putty.

Small weights - Can be something like steel discs or melted down lead weights. Use glue or some type of adhesive to attach or maybe make a sleeve for the weights that has an end cap built onto it.

Cement or cement like substance - There are a number of these ranging from quick set cement to mortars like tile adhesive. Home Depot has tons of the stuff, just find one that isn't very crumbly when set.

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Problem with Cement or cement like substance is, Brad likely drops his stick on the ground a lot. After a while the cement or concrete will crack and chip. Then he''ll hear rattling as he spins them.
Maybe 1/4" dia lead pellets mix in silicon and stuffed into the handle. It may take a few days for the silicon to set.

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Mick, that's a pretty inventive idea man, cheap and easy and will probably stay in place.

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Mick wrote:Problem with Cement or cement like substance is, Brad likely drops his stick on the ground a lot...

Hey! :-(

...Okay, maybe you have a point. Sometimes I don't just drop them, but accidentally fling them into the air! (But usually only when I'm trying to switch grips)

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