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Kim's Tae Kwon Do Olympic Games

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1 Kim's Tae Kwon Do Olympic Games on Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:29 pm honor of the olympics, we did the TaeKwon Do Olympics in class today. Although I was the favorite in the vertical leap (how high you can reach with your hand) I finished in 4th with a 17" leap. The 3rd and 2nd place guys were just a little higher than me, but the best guy did an amazing 26" leap (and he doesn't look like a jumper). Did 200 punches in just over 40 seconds and Kobe did it in 46, both really good times. Was able to do 46 sit ups (all the way down and all the way up) in a minute, Kobe did 49, the best guy did 77 (he has great abs). Can't remember how many push ups we did, but the students who finished 1, 2, 3, were all above 50 (I think the top guy did 86 in a minute). Did 46 jumping front kicks in 30 seconds and Kobe did 39 (that's more than 1 kick a second for a 9 year old); that's jump straight up, knee to the chest, snap kick straight out to the front and land and then jump again. We were allowed to alternate legs but only one kick per jump, no jumping and throwing multiple kicks in the air. If that were allowed, there are a few guys who can throw four or five kicks in the air in a single jump (I can do like three).
If any of you feel inspired, you can try to see how many push up and sit ups you can do in a minute; how long it takes you to do 200 punches, how many jumping snap kicks you can do in 30 seconds, how high you can jump up with a one step approach (stretch as high as you can with your hand against the wall and mark where the tip of your finger is, then measure how high your finger tip gets when you jump).
Let me know how you guys do...

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