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Tiles Help

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1 Tiles Help on Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:14 am


I've been making quite a few different tiles, some of them 3-D, but if we are going to fully switch over I could use some help. If you go to this site (PDF Dungeon Tiles) and work on some of the basic tiles it would be immensely helpful.

If you do please make sure you post what your doing, so we don't have to many duplicates. Actually we do need multiples of each tile, but we want to keep track of what we have.

Quick instructions:

Print out image
- Preferably on Cardstock quality paper (90# paper is perfect)
- Page Scaling needs to be set at None (otherwise the image will shrink to fit, and the tile sizes will be too small.
- Print Quality can be set to normal, as these tiles don't have much detail.
- Paper Selection (in the properties area) Set this to Plain Paper, not cardstock. If you set it to cardstock it gives poor color range and muddy , posterized prints.

Cut Paper tile out
- I use a sharp utility knife and a ruler, but you could easily use scissors. However, if your doing a whole bunch of tiles your hand might start cramping up using the scissors.

- Take each tile and glue it to some thin cardboard.
- Use a wrinkle free or low water content glue made specifically for paper crafts, otherwise it may warp your tile when it dries.
- When applying the glue make sure you get the edges and corners in addition to a good amount in the center sections.
- Burnish (rub) the tile for at least 3 seconds.

Cut Cardboard with tile on it
- Cut as close as you can to the paper tile.
- Try to angle inward when you cut, so when we put the tiles together they won't create gaps.

- Use a felt marker that is close to the color of the tiles edges, or just default to black or grey.
- Color the edges of the paper and cardboard, so when the tiles are on the table you can't see the brown cardboard or the white paper.

And that's it. Fairly simple, and if all of us are doing a few we should have a nice big selection of dungeon tiles to work with. I'm looking for some tree tiles now and will post links to them when I find some.

Happy crafting.

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