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Miri's build...

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1 Miri's build... on Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:15 pm

If you like we can discuss Miri's build in this thread.

You're free to make what ever changes you like to the PC and play the PC any way you like. I was just comenting on how she was initally built and the available options at the time of her creation.

Longwords for melee attacks are a bit better because of the proficiency bonus and the type of enchantments you can put on them. You may want to keep a Staff of Defense in Miri's off-hand as it gives you +2AC and +1 to all other defenses.

Reapers touch is better than Inteligent Blademaster in almost all cases since it allows you use Magic Missile as a basic attack which targets Ref defense instead of AC. It also frees up a feats that can be used for other things (instead of MC swordmage and taking IB, you only need to take Reapers Touch).

If you want to stick with longsword, WotC did release a feats for using different attributes instead of STR for attacks. You could use Melee Training Int which is the same as Inteligent Blademaster but doesn't require multiclassing into swordmage.

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2 Re: Miri's build... on Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:39 pm

Sorry, didn't mean to highjack the other thread...

If she goes Wizard of the Spiral Tower path, she can use a LS as if it's her impliment, so she'd still get her Staff of Defense wizard ability, right? She'd just lose the +1 magic bonus from not holding a magic 'Defensive Staff'?

Doh! I forgot that one attacks Ref & one attacks AC... yes, that's a big difference. I'll have to reconsider Reaper's Touch... I was planning on keeping Arcane reserves only for a few levels anyway, as it loses value at higher levels since she gets more encounter powers, and it only kicks in after she's used up her encounter powers (and the WotST paragon path has a pretty cool reusable encounter power). Miri only has 1 encounter left so I think her Arcane Reserves feat will come in to play a bit this current battle. So far, we've yet to drop anything, and now Miri & Thia have our hands full. ...Why couldn't you just attack Quinn? :-/ (That was a good move... darn you!)

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