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Sean's Letter home

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1 Sean's Letter home on Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:01 am

As Sean was laying in bed at the inn in Dray he was thinking about all the things that happened the past few days something hit him. He was amazed by the powers of the priest healing Carlial but remembered how close he got to dying just like Carlial.

Thinking about his family Sean got out of his sleepless bed and walked over to the table where he lit the candle and sat down at the parchment to write a letter to his father and mother.

After Sean finished the letter he signed it then rolled it up and put his personal seal in the wax to close the letter. He then wrote his dad’s name and city on the outside.

Sean wrote two more notes, one to the mail couriers of Dray that he placed two gold pieces in and another to Merchant Orin Bacos, both of which he just folded into quarters. He placed the letter to his parents and the letter to the mail courier in a box and sealed it. Sean then proceeded to bed where he found sleep much easier.

The next day when they were checking out of the inn Sean asked the innkeeper to deliver the box to the mail couriers and the letter to Orin. He paid two gold pieces to make sure it was done as soon as possible.

OOC: In the letter to my parents I told them that if they wanted to get a hold of me they should send a box to Dray made out to Merchant Orin Bacos with a letter made out to David only inside the box.

The letter to the mail courier I just said this should be enough postage to get the letter to the destination and to send it as quickly as possible.

The letter to Orin I told him one day he might get a box that had a letter written to David. If he did that it’s for me and if he could deliver it to me at Corona Keep I would pay him for his troubles.

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2 Letters Delivered on Mon Feb 23, 2009 11:14 am

...the inn keepper confirms that both letters will be sent on the next messengers out. The letter to the parents will arrive within four days. Orin will receive the letter within two days.

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