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Tomb of the Lizard King - Post SERIES Analysis

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1 Tomb of the Lizard King - Post SERIES Analysis on Mon Nov 26, 2018 12:06 pm

I'll be doing a thread to compare the performance of the two team...  discussion is more than welcome!

In the initial encounter, the evil priest escaped Team B, and was captured by Team A.  Instrumental to Team A's success here was Nekk stopping the priest's movement with Combat Superiority and by knocking the priest prone a couple times.  When the priest finally was able to get away from the fighter, Wii used a power to slide the priest right back next to the fighter so that Nekk could continue to pin the priest in place.  Nod to Team A here.

By chance, both teams selected to go overland through the farm lands.  As such, they both met the same lizardman patrol.  The battle went pretty much the same for both teams.  Team B concentrated and put down the shaman much faster than Team A.  Team B also put down the champion much faster than Team A as the warlord used his foe stone to identify that REF was his lowest defense and then Ezio repeatedly used an at will power that targeted REF.  The regular lizard men did manage to break through and rain attacks on the bard and invoker for Team B as all the melee types rushed forward, leaving the lower defense/ ranged characters on their own.  Team A really didn't do that much better as Raistlen was also pressed by several attackers.  I'm thinking that Team A ended the battle a bit quicker than Team B, but perhaps took a bit more overall damage as the enemy shaman was up quite a bit longer.  Team B put down the champion much quicker but the lesser lizardmen and the giant lizards lasted quite a bit longer.  I'm going to give Team A a slight advantage here in overall effectiveness, but Team B some praise for rapidly taking down the most dangerous enemies but some minus points for leaving their spellcasters relatively defenseless.  

Both groups managed to find the Tomb site, meeting the least number of monsters... so even here.  Team B did manage to identify and dispel the charm on Bartol Trume, the leader of the Baron's soldiers.  Team B also gained useful information out of him, so a slight plus here to Team B.  Team A met Trume, but didn't identify him and let the charmed soldier head back to town.  Team A also did get slightly further... mostly due to evading the encounter by the bridge by using Raistlin's flying horses.  Overall, I'd say Team A is slightly in the lead...

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Here is the final conditions for both teams...
Kazoo 48 hits - 6 surges
Nekk 53 hits - 1 surge
Raistlin 20 hits - 2 surges
Walster 66 hits - 4 surges
Wii 68 hits - 1 surge
Enzo 68 hits - 1 surge

Bannor 58 hits - 0 surges
Souldun 45 hits - 0 surges
Ezio 53 hits - 3 surges
Krizdev 45 hits - 0 surges
Gird 54 hits - 2 surges
Alyce 43 hits - 6 surges

...both parties succeeded in making it all the way to the end of the module, both parties succeeded in slaying Sakatha and neither party had any PCs die.

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I was going to do a battle by battle comparison of the two teams, but seeing how no one replied to my initial post, I'll just do an overall comparison. Even though Team A finished with more surges than Team B, I know that due mostly to Walster's temporary hits and Kazoo's surge-less healing, the monsters inflicted far more damage to Team A. Just skimming through the recaps, Team A also set off many more traps than Team B. I will say, both teams did EXCELLENT in avoiding a whole bunch of encounters both in the upper levels of the tomb and outside the main crypt area (e.g. barrow wraiths and the army of lizard men). Fighting the bandit Captain and his off duty gambling commanders, the other off duty human bandits, the minor priests, the large enchanted guardian statues, a trio of magical hill giants, a lesser lizard king and his three hunting hounds, and a room full of animated magical monsters, all would have not brought the adventurers any meaningful treasure but surely would have drained the teams of hit points, action points, and daily powers.

I'm thinking that both teams did better than I expected. I got the sense that the individual player characters on Team A were more powerful, but battle after battle, the characters on Team B worked better as a team and had better, more unified tactics, whether by accident or design. Yes, there were times when fortunate initiative rolls by the DM (allowing the enemy spell caster to blast the party with multiple area spells) played some part, but over the course of a number of major battles, I'm thinking the dice rolls balanced out more or less.

If you're asking me to "declare" a "winner", Team A wins strictly by the numbers (most healing surges left) but Team B wins for better overall play.

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Yes, B team’s PC’s definitely have a more balanced party. Our A team has always been an everyone for themselves kind of group. Really desperate when Kazoo is the healer.

Silk - Human/Hexblade [4e-Dark Nights Rising Campaign]
Kazoo - Halfling(Kender)/Hybrid(Rogue/Druid) [4e-Sakatha's Tomb]
Morbius Von Kas - Vryloka/Blackguard [4e-Rainbow Warriors Campaign]
Man'Tis Man'Todea - Thri-Kreen/Berserker [4e-Slave Lords Campaign]
Shandral Aurlong - Human/Sorcerer [5e-Hoarde of the Dragon Queen Campaign]
Danilo Rand - Monk/Human [5e-Princes of the Apocalypse Campaign]
Nathan Grey - Ardent (4e-Terran One Campaign)
Walt Dixon - Bladesinger (4e-Terran One Campaign)
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Kazoo the Kender: "Hmm, I'll take....the Wand of Wonder." The rest of the party regretted giving Kazoo the first treasure pick.[/b][/b]
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Definitely an interesting experiment and analysis! I know I chose the invoker character I did specifically to help the party out more than pure power. The party needed a controller and I specifically picked powers, backgrounds, and themes that did control, healing, and damage. So far I've been really happy with the character.

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...and your character and playing skill (@ Krystoff) were very key in providing the B Team with EXACTLY what they needed. Between the Invoker, the Bard and the Warlord, the B Team had just the right amount of "supporting" characters...

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