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Game On! 17 August Friday - Post SL Setting 11th Level

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Who can make a game for this Friday the 17th?  
Who can DM if there is a game for this Friday the 17th?

Post here... the gaming room is available.  :-)

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Nothing ready to DM...
Available to play

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I'm interested in playing if possible

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Art texted me. He does not have interest access. He will be available to play (gets back from the hinterlands on Friday AM). Joe will still be camping so not available.

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I'm back but out this weekend. I apparently have a family retirement to attend in Eastern WA that we are leaving for in the afternoon. Next week I am in San Francisco and have an anniversary but after that I don't have anything planned till the holidays.

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Art, Arthur, and Vic are all available...

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Art, Arthur, and Vic are all available...

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Ross is out.

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Art, Vic, and Steve are all confirmed as available.
No word from Brendon. If Brendon is available, I'm tempted to proceed forward with kicking off the first segment of Sakatha's tomb for the B Team (Kobe might have to join in late after he gets off work).

Ken - since you're also available, are a veteran Westron citizen, and DM frequently, I'll extend you a shot at filling out the group this time if you'd like to make up a PC different than what you plan to use for the "A Team" Sakatha's Tomb adventures. Maybe you can use your PC for Dark Night's Rising but with a 32 point buy instead of Superhero numbers...

If Brendon isn't available, then I'll write up an 11th adventure (post Slave Lords setting) that's a non-Sakatha series adventure.... unless you (Ken) somehow magically have the next SG adventure ready by this Friday - Haha :-)

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Okay, just heard from Brendon - he's out of town on Friday night - so no kick off for Sakatha's tomb.

I'll write up a Post SL adventure, open to all 11th 32 point buy PCs.
Art, Arthur, Vic, Ken, and Steve are all in... Kobe will be late.

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Stu, are you starting a new campaign "Sakatha's tomb" for new players?

Looks like my daughter is no longer playing in a soccer tournament this weekend.
Looks like I may be able to play Friday but looks to be a full party.
Slave Lord/giants campaign?
I may play if there's room.

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Yes, writing The Tomb of Sakatha but for two groups of players. The old guys, that includes you, haha, and the newer players.
A couple of the newer players can't make it so I'm not kicking that off this friday.

Running a side adventure, 11th Lev 32 point buy, post Slave lords. I can handle a seventh player. Come on over.

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