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Weeding Out the Thieves Guild - Discussion of New Builds - Adventure Feedback

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Well, that was fun...
Had a few questions... I think we generally stuck to the "no combat by committee" rule. There were a few "violations" but I didn't bother to enforce the rule. I did think combat went fairly quickly... anyone else notice any difference at all?

Thought the new builds did pretty much what they were suppose to do... but since I don't have detailed knowledge of the builds, I'm interested in knowing what you all thought...

I did have one more (optional) encounter as the party neared the village, some gnoll raiders. Due to time, I decided to save that encounter for a future session.

The battle with the fire demon was a good "warm up" hahaha one enemy, fast rounds while people got used to their new PCs.

The group took down the thieves faster than I thought (not much faster, but faster). I'm attributing it to the monk's repeated area attacks. With twelve minions to eliminate and only four with (lower) hit points and three with (higher hit points), I'm thinking Gird is a pretty good minion eliminator. I also thought the terrain made the battle interesting. Other thoughts?

Any thoughts on the ship battle?

Hope you all learned enough about your builds to improve before Mick's series...

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