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Stargate Alpha team: 6/29 pre session update

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1 Stargate Alpha team: 6/29 pre session update on Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:15 pm

Just finished the battle against a squad of "Bee" people and moved to the edge of the clearing to start a short rest.

After a minute or two of resting, the party noticed an insectoid (humanoid looking insect) moving to where the fallen Bee soldiers were and was in the process of extracting some of their organs.

The party aproach and have have a short conversation with him.
He calls himself Chaz and tells the party the following:

1. The "Bee" people are a race called Bezz.
2. Bezz are structured kind of like a hive mind. The have the following structure:
Queen can control all
Princess controls up to 8 Countesses
Countess controls up to 8 Baronesses
Baroness controls 1 squad of up to 8 Bezz soldiers

3. Chaz tells the party that he's an Alchemist and uses the organs to create invisibilty potions. The potions make the user invisible to Bezz and several other insectoid species. They last one hour or until the user makes an attack.

4. Chaz is in need of assistance with a task, but understands that the party is in a hurry and wants to meet up with they off world friends. He tells the party that he can sense another squad approaching, they'll be here in 2-3 minutes.

Alpha team went through the gate 5 minutes before Beta team
Alpha team spent 10 minutes scouting and securing the gate site
The battle with the Bezz squad took 1 minute
Alpha team spent 3 minutes resting/chatting with Chazz

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We might want to assist Chaz with his task, depending on what it is, in exchange for a few potions.

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