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Next Game - Ross/ Ken - How About 13 April ??

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Okay. My characters are not finalized yet but I will be playing 2 controllers.
A Wizard(Witch)
A Druid

Art Jury will be playing:
Paks - a ranger
Gird - a monk

Chrysty will not be able to make it this week but may be able to make it next week unknown at this time.

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Sorry, looks like I can't make it Friday. I'm sure you guys will do fine. Watch out for that TPK.

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Ibuki is still a "maybe" as of Thursday night. He texted me.

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Oh, in the small event that we run really short on players, Kobe has two characters standing by;
Nekk - 15th Level Fighter
Enzio - 15th Level Rogue

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What's the plan?
If we're playing, what's a good start time?

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Yes, Game On! At a minimum we have: Stuart, Ross, Ken, Arthur, Art (that's five) and maybe Ibuki and if needed, Kobe... (or someone playing Kobe's characters).

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Oh, 6:00 PM okay?

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@ Rastlin... maybe have the PC make up two PC's for Joe just in case??

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Okay. I think I can do that.

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