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Recap 20180112 - Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords – Catacombs of Sunderham

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Recap 20180112 - Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords – Catacombs of Sunderham

In the last adventure, our heroes gained access to Sunderham and found a contact within the city.  So, Grid (Human Monk – Art), Mantis (TriKreen Barbarian – Ross), Cyrano, (Drow Rogue - Kenji), Raistlin (Elf Wizard, Arthur), Bannor (Human Fighter, Brendon) and Souldun (Human Warlord, Vic) set off on into the city following the leads from their contact.

After a quick stop by the sage’s library and the city stables, the group heads to the Inn of the Rose, an inexpensive inn where customers can rent rooms by the hour and where all of the staff happen to be, pretty young women.  The heroes choose “the special” and find an empty room with a secret entrance to the city sewer system.  

After wandering around for some time, the group arrives at a nexus with a huge armored statue that warns the party that it will “….breath poison death upon you all!”.  The group immediately disperses to attack and charges in and strikes at the creature several times but with its steel skin, it proves very hard to hit.  Raistlin correctly identifies the creature as a golem when it goes berserk and rampages through the party, swinging at everyone it passes by.  Gird off balances it with a spinning hook kick and notices the construct is wearing a large green gem around its neck.  After hearing Gird’s report, Cyrano jumps and lifts the necklace off the golem’s neck.  After removing the necklace, the party stops taking poison damage.  Although dealing good damage with each hit, it is not long until the swarmed under Golem falls to a barrage of attacks, eighteen in all, with Cyrano landing the killing blow.  After closer examination, the party determines was an armored flesh golem, not an iron golem.

After a short rest, the party continues forward and down one hall, Bannor falls into a pit with Gird just managing to save himself.  A stone panel opens up behind the party and makes a wooshing noise.  Mantis runs around the corner.  Cyrano, Souldun and Gird rush toward the nozzle behind the panel to try to disable it.  Raistlin jumps into the pit.  Suddenly a huge blast of fire scorches the three party members trying to disable the nozzle.  All the burned party members patch up their wounds, Bannor and Raistlin get out of the pit and the group keeps moving ahead.

Next, the group came across a room full of crates.  As Gird neared the center of the room, the crates came alive and tried to engulf the party members and rip away their weapons.  Souldun strikes the killer Mimic with a disabling blow, making the Mimic vulnerable.  The other party members strike their strongest blows and eight hits later, greatly benefiting from Souldun’s strike, Gird strikes a particularly vital blow, downing the creature.  After a brief rest, the group moves further into the sewers.

Passing several more hallways, the group enters a hallway that gets hotter and hotter.  A pair of secret doors open and two two-headed hell hounds leap to the attack.  Gird and Bannor start taking fire damage.  Mantis charges and takes fire damage.  Both hell hounds breathe scorching fire down the hallway in both directions.  A explosive melee erupts and with fire in every direction, mixed with the party’s axes, pole arms, and feet and spells, it is not long before Mantis downs the first hell hound and Raistlin, using a cold spell, downs the other.

A while later, the party enters a maze like section of the sewers.  Twice the group is surprised with a large Minotaur firing a huge cross bow against the group with Gird being able to react somewhat before the Minotaur retreats.  After putting together a group to carefully look ahead, the group then sees a large chamber ahead with an intimidating Minotaur.  The party charges forward and fully engages the savage beast.  Just as they think they have the beast surrounded, six more Minotaurs charge into the room.  Bannor immediately downs one with a cleaving blow.  Mantis darts around the room, striking and evading.  Raistlin blasts a grouping with magic and hits them with lighting and other area blasts.  Souldun sees and opening on a wounded enemy and Mantis responds, downing it.   Gird knocks one prone and Bannor delivers a powerful downward chop nearly cutting the minotaur in half!  Mantis moves to the corner and then back to the middle, striking a vital blow, downing another.  Bannor makes a huge strike, hitting with more power than a comet, on the Minotaur leader!  Gird and Souldun also strike the giant savage.  After being hit more than a dozen times, Raistlin downs it with a blast of cold.  With a lone minotaur left, the group concentrates on it and Souldun chops it down.  As usual, the group patches their wounds and soldiers onward.

After a few minutes, the party enters a large cavern with water.  They discover the water has leaches and the walls and ceiling has rot grubs.  There is a spongy path around the edge of the water and the party knows they can use some huge mushrooms as small boats.  Rather than walk around or go over the water, the group has Raistlin use his most powerful magic to open a gateway across the water.  Once across, the group discovers that the spongy landing has two giant snakes.  Rather than tangle with the snakes, the party runs down the hall.

Coming to two ornate doors, our heroes see a throne room, the throne room of the nine slave lords!  Five of the lords themselves are present; a pirate captain leader, a shadowy assassin, an evil high priest, a powerful necromancer, and Grand Master Milerjoi (a monk of the Black Tiger Order).  Feetla, the pirate, motions to one of his marine lords who drops a stone wall behind the party cutting off any escape.  The party identifies a wall of force in front of them and a flask of poison gas explodes in the center of the group, knocking them all unconscious, prisoners of the Slave Lords!  Just before passing out, the party hears Feetla say “After the gas is gone, haul them down to the Entrance to Fear and take all their gear to the water dragon!”.  

To be continued…

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...and through out the adventure, everything was grabbing Gird and he kept getting away. The Savage Minotaur leader kept stepping on Gird's pant leg. As such, Gird has heard of a the monk Jet Lee who threw down his shirt so to avoid being grabbed Gird is considering throwing down his pants before each battle. This will also make Gird's secret secrete weapon (an at will power after eating certain foods) much more powerful as he uses the "close burst" power against enemies and friends alike!

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