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Axis and Allies Challenge - Kenji versus Arthur - Continuation January 2018

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Kenji has challenged Arthur to a match of Axis and Allies 1940 Global.  Game will be at Newport Hills.  Exact time TBD... I suspect late morning or early afternoon...

View user profile of 1 January 2018, still a very close game.  

Arthur, ANZAC and France took their turns... no big surprises, decent turn for ANZAC as their forces keep growing.  They are well positioned to retake the money islands if the Japanese fleet either moves north or if the Japanese fleet gets distracted fighting the Americans.

ANZAC is also well positioned to reinforce either north or south in Russia, whichever the Germans decide to threaten.  Germany has decided on their buy and made their combat moves, but no dice have been rolled.  

Still anyone's game...Allies clearly way ahead in the Pacific and it's a close match in Europe.

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As of 3 January, it is still anyone's game.  The Chinese are dominant on the Asian continent with the Japanese fleet looking to make a move either toward Korea or south to Malaya.  Manila is barely holding on and India appears secure for now.

A huge German army is posed to strike either north at Moscow or south to the Ukraine.  Every allied plane has been called to defend the Russian capital.  The English are looking to cause trouble on the coast with the Americans fighting the Germans in South America and the med.  ANZAC forces and a mobile Russian force push toward Berlin.

To be continued 5 January in the AM.

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Congratulations to Arthur who after five sessions defeated the Axis (Kenji) in the closest A&A game we've seen. Despite losing Washington DC, the Allies finally prevailed. I'm thinking the Axis did not move fast enough toward any single goal. On the western front, Moscow, London, and Cairo were held by the Allies the whole day. On the eastern front, China stayed in the game and Calcutta, Sydney, San Francisco, and even Honolulu stayed in the care of the allies the entire game.

This outcome despite the Axis seemingly rolling very well also... the dice gods seemed to be with Kenji on many more occasions than the Allies...

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