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Axis and Allies - Scramble

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1Axis and Allies - Scramble Empty Axis and Allies - Scramble on Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:34 am

Posted on the Axis and Allies boards... if you have two transports each loaded with infantry and you make an amphibious assault on a territory where the sea zone boarders an enemy airbase, even if that airbase is being attacked by your land units (that are walking there), the planes of that airbase may scramble, creating a sea battle in that sea zone. If there was just one plane scrambling in our example, after sinking the first transport (with two infantry aboard), the remaining transport may retreat back to a sea zone it came from, unless the transport started its turn in the sea zone in question.

This does not violate the rule where land troops may not retreat from an amphibious invasion as the land troops had not gotten into battle (landed) yet. Also, a player may RETREAT from an amphibious invasion, but only those units that did not arrive by transport ship. So, if a player attacks a territory with four infantry from area A, four tanks from area B, two fighters from area C, and six infantry that are landing via amphibious assault, and after the first round of combat, the attacker took eight units as casualties, the attacking player can claim that all six of the infantry in the landing force, plus two of the land infantry were killed, and then conduct a retreat.

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